Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Natural and not natural.

Yetserday we had a meeting of the felt group where we reviewed the results of the natural dyeing day in July.
It was made possible by Fiona who spent hours boiling up noxious -but natural-substances in order that we could dye our wools, silks, felts, and threads.

Fiona's, shibori and with fabulous stitching,

Elaine's threads and fabrics,

Christina's wonderful academic record,

my own haphazard selection,

and Lesley's beautiful laminated scarf.

Here they are all together.

Lovely natural subtle shades.

Like these, wild flowers in the field I walk.
They've grown high now, its late summer but it doesn't feel as though we are in August.

Here's the next field.
In the far corner over to the right is a beautiful cottage that was coveted by many and has just changed hands.
Some lucky person with a lot of money is now in this 'Country Living' dream home.

And just look how its been improved, with a feature quite probably visible from outer space.

They've also chopped down half the trees along a very old and beautiful wall.
Oh well. Never mind. I can always walk the other way.
Now talking of gardens....
TA daaa!
A nasturtium at last.
The height, the pinnacle the very zenith of my gardening for this year.


maria said...

Hi, I love the dyeing, the colours looks do soft and natural.
The baby birds are so cute, well done for getting the photo.

silverpebble said...

The felt colours are all beautiful and I love the textures too- what did you use to make the dyes?

Gina said...

Such a beautiful range of colours Jackie - makes me want to have a try at natural dying again.

Victoria said...

Lovely post! Those photos of the dyed pieces are super eye candy! What fun you all must have!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Lovely soft colours in all of these. I haven't gotten into dyeing (other than using rust) and these are sure inspiring.
Congrats on the nasturtium...the ear wigs ate all of ours.

jeanette said...

I took a weekend workshop in natural dyes,and can attest to the smells! you came away with some lovely things!

Anonymous said...

oh lucky you -the circus has come to town. I guess little Prunella and Artemis need somewhere safe to play in the wilderness.

Beautiful naturtsium - mine died - so we all have our gardening strengths, however slim. ;)

nice dyeing BTW - very pretty colours
(Ps dont tell me you know and love kids called Prunella and Artemis - and Ive just mortally offended you. )

Mary said...

Oh Jackie! How could they do that to that lovely area!!! It upsets me (because I covet all things English), but the way you told it was hilarious! And they dyeing was beautiful.

Chris' Greetings from the Shady Grove said...

I love Paula's comments about the newly "improved". I think she has said it all. Thanks for sharing the flowers along your walking path.

ACey said...

Wow what an atrocity we glimpse through the trees. People have such odd ideas at times.

Am quite taken with natural dyes lately (purchased some natural dye velvet pieces to start my collection) so I really enjoyed the chance to see so many different sorts of textures and textiles in the lovely array of colors. LOVED enlarging the pictures and dreaming.

Miss Frugality said...

Love the subtly of colour from the natural dyes.Seeing them makes me want to have a go!

alice c said...

Even the dog looks aghast at the vandalism.

'fancypicnic' said...

Great comment above this one.

How can people do it, to our countryside?! (but you narrated it so well! xx)

The felts and textures are wonderful - summery, light and delicious. Gorgeous pics.

jude said...

dream for neighbors and destruction of forests, don't get me started. i had to make the back of my house intothe front to escape some new invaders.

Chris' Greetings from the Shady Grove said...

I didn’t even notice the date, how funny we are posting similar things on the same date. What is that flower called? We have something similar to Queen Anne’s Lace that looks more like flower in your picture. It is a wild carrot. Both are from the carrot family. We have had so much rain this year that the Queen Anne's Lace and some of the wild grasses are taller than my 5'4" height.

jeanne herself said...

love the colors . . . of the felt NOT the tents. good grief. i guess you will most definitely need to walk the other way now.

Robyn said...

Not something I like to do but I love to watch others brewing beautiful colours in dye vats.
Pity about the circus next door and pity you have to walk in the opposite direction.

trisha too said...

your blog is wonderful, and your artwork is lovely.

all the dye colors turned out beautifully. and how nice, to be able to meet with a group of like-minded artists!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

What beautiful colours from your dying day. Now I've seen that and have my new book I soooo want to get playing. I have a few pots of Kemtex Procion somewhere and a bag of soda crystals calling my name. I must resist until September - I don't know if I could cope with showing Evie how to do it. Maybe on a day when I'm feeling brave :o)

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