Friday, 29 August 2008

A Change is as Good as a Rest

We have lived in our house for 23 years.
All the rooms have been redecorated over this period and I don't just mean wallpaper and paint..I mean re-wired, sometimes new windows, re-plastering and so on.

The bedroom was the last thing to be done.
In 2005 it was completely stripped out..this is what it looked like then and we were still sleeping in it.

So you will understand that I may have gone a bit over the top when choosing the new things.

I indulged myself. I make no excuses. 20 years was a long time to wait.
400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. Lace pillowcases. New feather pillows and duvets, a mattress cover and a cover for the mattress cover.

All topped off with a one hundred year old hand quilted white and cream quilt from the Antique Textile Fair.

A lovely cream carpet with a big unnecessary extravagant rug on it.
And, after the first dog sick event, animals are banned from it.

I love my bed.
After 3 years I am still very grateful that I have such a lovely bedroom.
But I happy to report that , we will be spending a few nights in another bed.
In another place, where there is a lot of this.

And I shall be getting into it.
Very cheap middle-of-the-night flights have been booked. A little Greek house has been reserved.
House sitting friends have been organised.
Now I just need to lose three stone.
Or take my big wrap.
Don't forget I will be making the draw for the brooch tomorrow, Saturday. Leave a comment on the previous post if you want to be in it. (And you can leave one here as well if you like)


Threadspider said...

Oh that looks so lovely. I bet you are gutted leaving the English summer for such clear blue skies, warm water etc : )
Have a great break.

Gina said...

Have a wonderful holiday Jackie - that water looks very inviting. Although if I had a bedroom that inviting I could easily stay there all day with a good book and someone bringing regular cups of tea and the occasional glass of wine!

Michael House said...

That looks fantastic, Cornwall is lovely, but not quite as sparkling at the moment.

I know all about dog sick incidents! And cat sick incidents. And other incidents of an animal related origin.

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Yay!! You found one then?! Fantastic. I'm hoping for loads of gorgeous photos upon your return to see us all through the dismal days of winter.
Your bedroom is amazing. It looks like something from a magazine shoot. That's what comes of having no kids and of being a tidy person, as opposed to me with my kiddie and my "Stig of The Dump" tendencies.
Have a fab holiday xx

Miss Frugality said...

Your bedroom looks gorgeous!I love the embroidered heart hanging from the romantic.
Hope you have a fab time on your hols!

Maureen said...

Sounds intriguing - where are you going??

Mary said...

That looks like a wonderful place to visit! Wow! I know you'll have a fabulous time!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sorry!! I meant to say beautiful my spelling is so bad.

Victoria said...

Lovely bedroom, gorgeous quilt!
And that cool blue water looks amazing! Hope you have a delightful time!

Linda said...

Oh Jackie - you're going to Symi! I am SO jealous!!! I can't wait to hear about it when you get back.
Do you know the Symi Visitor newspaper? They contacted me last week because of my Soul Journal drawings of houses I'd seen on Symi. They want to write about me in the paper - I'm amazed they found my blog! (Maybe you could nip into their office in Yialos and get a preview!)
Have a wonderful time.
Love Linda x
PS GORGEOUS bedroom!

PG said...

Forget the wrap and have a lovely time! :)

maggik1 said...

Didn't know it was Symi you were going to! My friend Sarah's sister has a bar on Symi. I'll get the name of the bar so you can pop in and say 'hello' to Mary? I am working on passing on the award - just in case you think I'm not doing it!

'fancypicnic' said...

OOH!! Looks gorgeous! Envy's not a good thing....but I'm feeling it! Have a wonderful time...shame to leave that bedroom behind, though xx

Chris' Greetings from the Shady Grove said...

I love the quilt! What an relaxing and inviting bedroom you have.

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