Wednesday 15 August 2018

Silken Strands.

When I studied City and Guilds Embroidery I was introduced to Natesh Titania Threads, the variegated ones.
There was only one place to get them and that was Silken Strands, Bangor North Wales. 
I would phone when I needed new ones and the lovely Catherine Spalding answered the phone and calmly took my order, and payment.  Usually the yummy threads, needles, and any other stuff I'd ordered would arrive the next day, beautifully packed.

I was very saddened to have discovered recently that Catherine Died in April this year. 
So this is by way of a small tribute to her and her gentle business-like manner and superb service over the years. I've recommended the threads to everyone  and I hope some of you also had the Silken Strands experience and know what I mean.

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