Thursday, 2 August 2018

Hot Hot Hot but now not

This post was started a few weeks ago but I've had trouble with the photos uploading. However a solution has been found, by me, in the form of dropbox.
Do you find it confusing to switch photos between devices? I have extra icloud storage but so many photos its not enough. So Dropbox it is.
Shortly after I wrote the last post the weather took a turn for the better, the lambs shed their plastic macs, the bluebells appeared and a very warm Spring began which I thoroughly enjoyed.

It's been so lovely to have walks in the woods again without having to bath Hetty before she can come inside!

The sheep and lambs have been a delight to listen to from across the road. I apologised for not being vegetarian every time I stopped to watch them They seemed very happy in the fields and some of them are still there. 

A lot of the early Summer was spent with the house in upheave mode while we re decorated our 'everyday' room. 
After all the paint decisions there was the carpet to consider, and while we waited for them to come and lay it (5 hours after they said they would) the rest of the house was upside down.

The next day I was out but Brian vacuumed it and noticed lots of little gaps appearing in the pile.
(her is Hetty modelling the faulty carpet)

So back to square one, with all the furniture displaced for another few days while we waited.

But I think it was worth it.
We had a few reservations about putting back 'all the clutter' but since all the orange pine was painted in lovely colours it looks a lot less busy and I love my pots.

The old table is now the only bit of natural wood but we like that.
I found this gorgeous fabric for the curtains, which I had the devil of a job making , because it was so expensive I skimped, and it has a big pattern, but they look lovely.

Then the final incongruous indulgence.. an IKEA 'Poang ' chair. I've always wanted one,  they are not expensive but I thought it would look out of place. You don't say 'out of place' you say 'eclectic'

We also got a new sofa from IKEA. 
Cheaper than a Laura Ashley one I found in an old catalogue from 1985, and very comfy. 

I love the wall colour. 

All in all it's worked out well, and I love the whole room, and even though it was done on a budget it pleases me as much as if it had cost a fortune.Big thanks to my lovely husband who worked so hard to get it done.
A change is as good as a rest.
It made me want to do a bit more sorting, so I emptied teh glory hole under the stairs. 
I needed protection though!
I've read some interesting books,

and I taught a class of my own locally in mid-may and we had a super time with lovely people.

I've done a bit of sewing of brooches, but not much after last years full on production line.

We had a few days away. The first night was in Twickenham, where the 'Green' wasn't.
Stayed with my long long time friend Annie at her lovely house.

Then went on to Sussex. We stayed in Rye for a few nights and visited Dungeness,

saw Derek Jarman's cottage and garden,

popped to Hastings,

pootled around Rye,

visited the gorgeous amazing Great Dixter Gardens,

and stayed in a lovely little terraced house with a teeny coutyard.

It was perfect for the two of us, beautifully decorated and equipped, very central, (slightly hairy unpacking as it was on a double yellow line at a junction) a perfect place to explore Rye on foot.

I found 'Miss Mapp's' house.

On the way home we stopped to look at Canterbury Cathedral where Brian had his first student placement way back in the 70s. 
His accommodation was the white building to the right of the main entrance.

He'd worked on the restoration of the Black Prince's tomb .
It's a fabulous building well worth a visit. The rest of Canterbury is mainly shops but there ere one or two other interesting sights and sounds.

Then it was my birthday and we visited an equally interesting pace, Manchester! Not quite as 'picturesque' but vibrant and full of the unexpected.

Number two son who lives there, found a great restaurant for us,  Allotment, where we had a series of delicious small plates. yum.

Compare and contrast. 


Back home again..Hetty found a prickly friend in the garden. Night after night she got very excited about him, but sadly , one morning, I saw a little not-quite-round  shape on the road....sniff.

                                    The last wee at night isn't as exciting for Hetty any more.
I spent a very hot but very delightful weekend in Llanidloes and stayed in Rhayader, where I picnicked in a park by this lovely river.

I was teaching a workshop in the Minerva Centre and will add some photos when I can.

So far I've enjoyed a Summer of lovely long hot walks.

I've rooted out some old friends in the form of skirts and dresses from years ago, which now fit me again, and I've reacquainted myself with another old friend. 



Heather said...

What a lovely post - so many beautiful photos of places I have never been to but would like to see. Your room looks beautiful and I like a bit of eclectic myself. You've had a busy year so far by the sound of it.

Rachel said...

It needn't cost a fortune to redesign the house, but if it doesn't cost a fortune it does cost effort. Fortunately it sounds like you got it done before the heat really struck...

LindyLaine said...

Your room looks lovely and I hope you enjoyed your visit to Kent and Sussex? You nearly made it down to my little corner - I'm about 20 miles from Canterbury on the coast. Your photos make me feel like I need a day out in Dungeness again soon.

Joy said...

What a delightful post! Love your photos, especially those of Hettie and all the lovely 'English' things. Makes me wish I could visit. The carpeting looks great, also the paint color. I think it's the same as my living room paint color.

Kim Morris said...

Great job on your room - it looks great! Particularly love the curtain fabric, would you share the info on the fabric?

Magpie's Mumblings said...

What fun to read about all your adventures over the past while! Your room looks so comfy - and well worth all the upheaval and effort to make it so. And Canterbury cathedral is a wonder....I've been there twice and how I wish I could see it again. As for rediscovering things - you're onto Johnson's Baby Powder and I just today bought a pack of 64 Crayola crayons. Must be something in the air?

Robin Mac said...

What an entertaining post - as always. I love your redecorating, the room looks so comfy and lived in, not just an expensive showpiece! Your photos of the English countryside are a delight to look at in an area of England I have never visited. I hope you are surviving the long, hot summer now. Cheers XX

Jackie said...

Thank you all for the comments. They haven't shown up on my feed so I didn't know about them.

Jackie said...

The curtain fabric is by Voyage; the pattern is called Colscott; and the colourway is Skylark.

Patty Biermans said...

It has been a long time since I leave a comment on your blog. But i am glad to hear that you are having a great time. hugzzzz....peebee

Jackie said...

Thank you patty. These comments aren’t showing up in my emails.

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dear Anonymous.....

....don't waste your time...I have a spam filter.