Sunday, 12 March 2017

Late starter

It's the third month of the year and my first blog post. 
Oh dear.
I think I haven't felt anything blogworthy since my last post. Christmas and New Year were a bit dull and we were still recovering from our bad colds for ages. 
I can only check my photographs to discover what I've actually been doing since my last post.
Ah I've remembered!
With a deadline of 20th January I had to get cracking on a project for 'Stitch' magazine. I obviously can't show it here but in June it will be published.
I also had to work for the most lovely Gallery that I deal with, and wouldn't you know? The deadline was the same date. Fortunately they were flexible and I made a few Fossil Brooches for them..not my finest hour.. sample accompany their exhibition, details here

As I look at that I realise it's over! Time flies.
I've sent brooches to Ballater to a Gallery there, and I've sent three wall pieces to Ramster , the exhibition started yesterday. Here are two of them. My spies tell me they have been hung in the exhibition.

So all in all I've been a busy but not very bright little bee.

On Monday we returned from Ireland, out annual trip which I always enjoy.
Tense moment on the day we set off as the neighbours who were having Hetty suddenly announced their daughter had gone into labour a week early so they couldn't have her for the weekend. I managed after much panicking to find alternative accommodation for little Het for the weekend and they picked up later in the week.

We had a great time although it was very wet. I had lunch with my two lovely Textile friends, Breda McNelis and Ester Kiely who both drive a distance for our get together. We ate lovely food and talked nineteen to the dozen for three hours or more !
Here are some of the highlights of the trip to Ireland.

Corcomroe Abbey on a sunny but bitterly cold day.
It is amazing inside with beautiful stone carvings and tombs and monuments from hundreds of years ago.

Three dogs on Gleninagh Quay in the rain.

I visited Thoor Ballylee, otherwise know as Yeat's Tower. Silent except for birdsong. Deserted.

To Be Carved on a Stone at Thoor Ballylee

I, the poet William Yeats,
With old mill boards and sea-green slates,
And smithy work from the Gort forge,
Restored this tower for my wife George;
And may these characters remain
When all is ruin once again.

and this is the stone with the poem.

And then one night, over the rocky road to Corofin, where a mountain of a man with the face of a cherub played concertina like an angel, accompanied by a Japanese guitarist, to whom he had taught English with a heavy Irish accent.

Followed by three Concertina Mavericks and a stage full of ..yes ..concertinas, entertained the packed hall for the rest of the evening.

 Concertinas from the tiniest just-for-fun to the most enormous. The best musicians who all have individual careers and CDs out.
"People keep telling us we should make an album. We're only after thinking they meant together'

Other scenes from the week..the music teacher's dog waiting patiently for the lesson to end.

I called her over and she leapt up and threw herself at me.

The Flaggy Shore.

Seaweed on Bishops Quarter beach . (Ideas abound.)

The three Ballyvaughan trees have had a prune

View of The Burren

An actual selfie of me and my friend Denise on the bitter cold seashore.

More seashore.

And now..I spotted this on my way to Mass. You know when someone lays concrete and there's always a dog paw in it?
Well I thought this was the loveliest thing, a leaf print...or two. Accidental but it would be nice all over wouldn't it?

I'm working really hard now for Wonderwool, Wales in just under two months time. I've set myself a very high target to meet , and although I'm really excited about going there for the first time, I don't know how cost effective it will be, by the time I've paid for B&B, stand fee, food, petrol, these first few pieces are 'lost leaders'.

I've just booked my flights for my weeks session in May teaching at Crafty Retreats in France. That's another bit of excitement, and I've just heard I've been accepted to Woolfest again. Woo hoo. I LOVE
Now..can I sustain this level of production until September? SHOULD I apply to Yarndale? 
Hmmm....well, go on then. 
It's so good.


Rachel said...

Go for it!

Terri said...

This is what you wanted in the beginning...? Like Rachel says "Go for it."
Congrats on your success.

Els said...

Thanks for the nice (cold) trip around ...
Hope Woolfest (and others) will be a success for you !
(though you'll have to work very hard for it all !!!)

Heather said...

What a wonderful year you are going to have - good luck with it all. Your trip to Ireland must have been beautiful, in spite of the weather. Lovely photos. Love the fossil brooch and all your other pieces. Don't work too hard but have a great time.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Congrats on 'Stitch' magazine - it's one of my favourites and very hard to find here. It's a big deal to have your work in their pages I know! Didn't get to visit Ireland and so it was nice to see a little corner of it through your eyes (oh, and seeing YOU was fun too!).

Robin Mac said...

Wow, what a year you are having - no time for boredom there! Loved the photos of Ireland, but I could not cope with weather as cold as that. We have some concrete pathways in our Botanic Gardens with leaf and fern prints in them, also a section representing the development through the ages. Our dog had to walk across the damp concrete, but he knew he would normally be in HUGE trouble doing that and it took about 10 minutes of pushing and calling to get him to cross!
Love all the textile photos, good luck with all your exhibitions. Cheers

Marci said...

Your work is beautiful! I loved all the photos, also.

Nancy said...

Jackie, Your work is absolutely stunning! I am a great fan, and took your online course three years ago. I would love to have an artistic style like yours! Wishing you all the best...

Unknown said...

I love your blogs they are so interesting to read. They read like artistic travelogues and are worth waiting for. Your stamina makes me breathless. Warm wishes.

WendyCarole said...

Looks like you haven’t really had time to blog. I subscribe to stitch magazine so I look forward to June to see your contribution.
Love all your work as always :)

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