Tuesday, 27 December 2016

End of the year

My last post written way back in October ended with my looking forward to a workshop in Garstang. Well it was lovely and the town looked lovely too. It's a super little market town with a lot of independent shops, and I really wish Chorley had taken a leaf out of their planners' book when they decided to wreck our town with unsympathetic developments. I said this in the class not knowing that two of my students were from Chorley, but I think in the end they agreed.

Anyway here are some pictures from the day.
 There was some really super work all different.
 The two below both used the same source picture, so it shows that we all have our own style.
 A Van Gogh interpretation.

 The one below should be rotated. It's based on a David Hockney tree painting.

 And here is a shop in Garstang all decked out for Halloween. It's a long time ago now!

 Also a long time ago, the roofer decided to thank me for all the soup and toast I'd made hm with a lovely hamper.

He made an excellent job of the roof, and it's completely dry now if somewhat cooler, as the old wood and mortar between the wood and the slates, has been replace with battens and breathable membrane so there's very little insulation left up there between us and the elements, and the bedrooms are chillier. However, when all the loft has been cleared of a lot of the aforementioned 'stuff' that fell into it , we can put down some layers of insulation and that should make a difference.

 It's a beautiful job and cost a fortune, so you can imagine how upset I was when the chimney above began to drip into the kitchen again. We all thought it was cured but it seems not, so at extra expense it has to be re-investigated from the other side, ie the neighbour's, who are absolutely adamant that they have no problems with it. It only seems to happen when the wind blows in a certain direction so it could just be a small crack somewhere.
So...watch this space.
So we had a farewell photo of Lovell and Michael but we'll be seeing them again in January!

I've been working like a maniac sewing and selling and doing workshops to help to pay towards the roof works and I'm pleased to say I've been selling well.
I've made birds

and sheep

and lots of other things.

I've been in 'Felt Matters' magazine, 

very exciting, and I've been asked to write for another magazine. 
I did another two day workshop of my own and it was equally good fun as the last one, with more super work from students.

We had a good laugh.
I've had a lovely Christmas with my family at home and too much food.

I've been accepted for Wonderwool Wales, and I'm about to apply for Woolfest once again.
I have a new two day workshop in the offing, 26th and 27th January in Lancashire, still some places left, as well as some work on a fossil theme to accompany a special exhibition.
So, plenty to look forward to in 2017.
But I'll let you into a little secret, I'm feeling rather down. That black dog.  Not really a secret, I've mentioned it before. Christmas can make it worse or better. It seems to like to alternate and this year it definitely worse.
(I hope thats not a truth too far.)
So roll on 'normality'. 
And Spring.
Only 8 weeks to Ballyvaughan.


Heather said...

What wonderful work your students produced in your workshops. You, and they, must be delighted with their results.
The roof looks wonderful - hope the drips can be easily located and fixed. How kind of the roofers to give you that lovely hamper.
Glad your work is selling so well, though I am not surprised, it is beautiful.
I have troubles with Christmas these days and am sorry that you suffer from depression. Like many other sufferers you always sound so positive and cheery.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year with many more successes with your workshops, articles and events.

Terri said...

So good to see your post. You have been busy! Love the birds.
It seems the weather plays a big part in my depression. Some days the clouds are so thick and for soooooo many days. I feel lots better when the sun shines.
It was really a lift to see your post on the reader! Thanks for sharing.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sounds like you've been really busy Jackie - and I'm happy that your sales are doing well. So sorry about that miserable black dog - I know it all too well - only I call it the black hole. It's miserable, no matter what words are used to describe it, and Christmas is one of the more difficult times of the year. Take care of you my friend.

jinxxxygirl said...

Jackie i was just about to type how happy i'am that everything is going so well for you and your craft.... You make such pretty things and its so obvious why things are selling so well...Your designs are spot on and your talent shines through in your color choices and stitching... Then i read that that the 'black dog' is trying to come for a visit... Why does that seem to happen when things are looking up up up?? I hope your days are looking brighter soon... I hope you'll come visit us here more often... Hugs! deb

Rachel said...

Good to know the workshops went so well, and I'm sorry to hear the black dog is fossicking around. I hope he bolts soon!

Virginia said...

Oh, wow! You are such a fantastic teacher - so good at inspiring your students - their work is wonderful. You must be very proud of it all. I pop in to look at your work sometimes, and it is always a delight. I hope you find things brighten up for you soon Jackie - the Black Dog is not much company is it. May 2017 bring good things for you.

Robin Mac said...

What beautiful work you have shown Jackie, you must have had a lot of fun with those classes.
I do love your roof, hopefully you will have some insulation before too long.
I am so sorry to hear the black dog has reappeared, but perhaps now that Christmas is past and we are into the New Year it will go away never to come again. Think ahead to your classes at the end of the month and then your holiday in Ireland (I have forgotten the name of the town and with my software it is hard to go back to check). I get cross that the software has sticky moments, but I can't see without it so I just have to make the best of it.
Hope you are having a very happy New Year. XX

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