Thursday, 9 October 2014

Musings on the past and the future.

In the haitus between the great thrash for Yarndale, and the coming thrash for Christmas, I have been musing on my work.
At Yarndale, I had a lovely appreciative couple who loved my work. 

However the woman said though she liked the brooches, they were too big for her and she wouldn't wear one.
The next day she came back and found and bought this one ,

much smaller, and one of only two I had left from an old batch.

2008 in fact!

They were 'mid-century' inspired and very popular.

I blogged about my work back then and included this picture.

and this.

I went on to make lots and lots more.

The base was silk fibre paper which was a joy to stitch on but a beast to oversew the edges.

I went on to create a few pieces of wall Art in the same vein.

They appeared in Quilting Arts Magazine. 
I sent them all the way to America to be photographed .

Exciting times!

 I made little round ones...I sold all of them but one..which I sold at.....???

Yes, Yarndale.

Then I discovered I could make the same patterns in felt.

This was the prototype.

And that was the beginning of a whole new production line.
But they are big and quiet hard to make smaller.

So I'm thinking 'back to the future'?

They are very pretty.
I have an idea.
And new skills I didn't have back then.
Watch this space.

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