Saturday, 17 August 2013

Another travel post!

This time its Scarborough. 
WELL! When a work colleague  of my husbands , who I like to hope is also a friend, suggested we stayed in her apartment in Scarborough, I was delighted to take up the offer for a few days with my lovely Mum. 
 We were very lucky with the weather and walked and walked all over the place. My Mum is 85 and its hard to keep up with her! 
Scarborough is really much nicer than I imagined, with a sort of 'faded splendour' about it which in parts isn't that faded.  
For those who don't know it , its the very first English Seaside resort. The evidence was all over the place. Everywhere you go there are paths and benches and little shelters to accommodate the sedate holidaymaker of yesteryear. Very helpful for two old ladies from the 21st Century who like to have a sit down now and then.
 Our friends' apartment was beautiful and I am immensely grateful to them both.

My Mum really enjoyed the holiday and so did I .

 I took a lot of photographs to make into an album for her.

Here she is at Staithes. I wasn't really as impressed with Staithes as I had hoped to be. Its quaint, its steep, but I found it a little claustrophobic. However I'm glad I went.

  It has a VERY STEEP road down to it and my Mum was able to walk up.Probably because we went the wrong way and ended up doing a walk through fields back to the car park

 At the top of the hill is a lovely tearoom where we managed to track down the elusive CRAB SANDWICH!!! 
Then spent time taking terrible pictures of each other.

 We came down the coast to Sandsend just North of Whitby. A superb sandy bay.

Then on to Robin Hoods Bay. Much prettier than Staithes with a very busy beach and craft shops .

There were some interesting buildings.

 And it too is STEEP!

 But we managed. 
We went to Whitby as well but for some reason I don't have pictures.

The we called at Ravenscar which would be nice for a walk on a future visit if we ever have one.

 But mainly we enjoyed Scarborough. 
The views.

 The beach huts.

 The beach with chalets
Here's a group of people learning salsa dancing on the sand.

 If you look very carefully at this picture you can see on the left past the last building, the dotted lines of the end of 'our' road.

 Two minutes away we had this view of the spa area.

 and  all down the coast

 Here is 'our' road.

 and 'our' apartment.

 On the way home we stopped in Old Malton and took more awful pics of each other!

 Back home Little Hetty was very glad to see me. She lay on the bed while I was unpacking as if she didn't want to let me out of her sight.

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