Monday, 6 May 2013


'Raincloud hang around' is the title of a new album by Earl Pickens and Family from Lewisburg Pennsylvania. The cover art is by yours truly.
The album isn't released yet but will be soon and I get Royalties!

Earl Pickens (not his real name) contacted me a while ago after browsing etsy for inspiration for his new album cover and liked what I did.

 He sent me a little drawing of a raincloud raining on a flower and said 'do your thing.' All he wanted was 'edges.'

 I had so much fun doing this. Its the best kind of commission. Nothing worse than someone commissioning you to do something but being too prescriptive(..or should that be pro scriptive?)thats not going to be your usual style.
He is an absolute star, lovely to deal with. 

 I made a piece of felt with areas of colour, and freely stitched the flowers and leaves as part of the edge. Then I decided it was a bit flat so I cut out the stitched bits and moved it over and attached it again. There were many edges.
I had a lovely piece of grey felt with silk fibres so I stitched a raincloud onto it and attached that.
 Believe it or not the bit that took the longest time was the rain. I had a few attempts at it before I was satisfied.
 I stitched the words separately and he said he'd superimpose them but in the end he's going to make them the cover of the actual disc.
 I had a great but sewing time embellishing the flowers with French knots and other bits.
 I scanned the artwork to send to him. Its very hard to photograph it. The light tends to bounce back so instead of the rich deep colours it looks pale and blanched.

 This is a photograph of it as the actual cover, I didn't take this so I hope he doesn't mind me downloading his photo.

The back of the album is going to be a picture of the back of the embroidery. 

          There are no rainclouds hanging around here today so I think I may be outside pulling weeds out.
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