Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Like the button box

Did you ever play with a box of buttons when you were little? 
What fun it was to sort them by colour, then again by size, and then maybe by shape.
 I've been having that sort of fun with the brooches I made for an order for the delightful Lazyhill Gallery in Abbotsbury, Dorset.

I put them in groups according to coloured centres


 Turquoise and greens.

 The delicious tomato red again
 Then by shape..these are a bit of a risk...I didn't send these to Abbotsbury.

 Or these. 
This is another one of my repeatable shapes. I must think of some names for the various repeatables. At first I called them things like 'Frond' and 'beech' but there are going to be too many soon.

I thought I might give them names on a theme. First I thought the names of historic places, you know, Bloomsbury; Charleston; Petworth; Knole; Powis..etc. 

Then I wondered about Shakespeare's heroines: Desdemona; Ophelia; Miranda; Titania..etc.

Or perhaps after my mother and her sisters..she had a lot ..that would be Vera, Phyllis, Gladys, Jean. Renee, Vera, Marie and Freda...not forgetting Colin! 

I'm still thinking about it.  It must be like naming a litter of puppies.
Here's a bit of gratuitous felt. I love how it turned out. I made it with a horrible orange base but it glows through beautifully.

 More gratuitous loveliness. Little Hetty has had another haircut. Its like a new dog every two months.

Now look carefully at this...

Next weekend its Art and Garden again. I've blogged about it every year I think! So check back to June  in every year of my blog and you can see pictures.
Its a lovely weekend event even if the weather isn't good.
 I have to speak about it on local radio but I'm not telling anyone when because its 'rabbit in the headlights' time.
I mean one thing but it comes out as another. For example when I was asked to give the vote of thanks to a visiting tutor once , I made what was supposed to be a compliment sound like an insult.
There are other things I could tell you but I'm too embarrassed.
Fingers crossed.

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