Thursday, 31 May 2012


Blue skies, fields of long grass and buttercups, welcome breezes...its been a beautiful May.
Despite the lure of the outdoors I have managed to make some new brooches.
Tomato red fell into my hands and seemed appropriate with the felt I'd made.
Radial designs must have reflected my inner sun.

Some pictures to remind me of what may have been summer!

 I treated myself to three new auriculas and I wasn't disappointed. This was the last to flower: Butterwick.

 Proof! This was at 6pm. I haven't seen temperatures like this in my garden for a long time.

 Also in my garden..ducks.

 Followed closely by........a slightly timid schnauzer. 

 If only she'd been as reticent when she was by my friends beehives...ouch. And a double ouch when we paid the vets bill!
 More brooches.

 And little trumpeteers of summer to come.

Happy Jubilee!
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