Monday, 9 May 2011

Exhibition and an expedition

This is at last the finished final exhibition piece. 
I called it 'Low sounds by the shore'.
The colours are like the seaweed on 'The Flaggy Shore' in Clare.
You can enlarge it by clicking.

I was unsure about the background felt, but enjoyed stitching the motifs onto the felt and embellishing the traditional sense of the word, by handstitch. It was the first bit of sewing I'd done since 'you-know-when.' and it rescued me .

Its about 12 inches wide and 20 inches long. 

Regular readers will know I have spent a long time deliberating on the mode of presentation of my work. I initially wanted to use perspex and have them look as though they were floating, but that presented many problems so I settled for unpainted blank white artists canvas. 

Now I know this is not a conventional way to display work and I hoped it wouldn't be read as me being clueless choosing the first thing that came to hand and not realising it should be painted. 
Rather, I wanted the canvases being brilliant white,  the same colour as the gallery wall to make the work seem unattached.

So, we went on sunday to the Gallery and put up our work.
Its a super duper curved gallery space , very classy and very sharp looking. Its upstairs in Booths Supermarket (..the north's very own Waitrose) and there is a Booths "Artisan" cafe opposite so even more reason to visit!
The work looks great, very professional and  I must say I am  pleased with mine. 

I like it better than all the work I've done for a long time.
However when I read the first comment in the visitors' book my heart sank.

"Not keen on the white canvas....."

Well at first I felt sick.
However I have decided that its my choice, I like it and I'm sticking with it .
I'll try not to dither.

The Fylde Gallery, Booths Store, Haven Road, Lytham, Lancashire
Until 5th June

I dithered a bit last Thursday.
He:Well are you coming with me or not?
Me: hmmmmm ..can't decide
He: well I'm only going straight there, dropping the files off and coming back
me: Ok I won't come
He: well you can, we could at Gales on the way home
Me:But I have to get my pictures ready for hanging and clean up a bit.
He:Ok then
Me: But its a nice day ...
He: Well come
Me:Oh go on then..but I have to have a shower and wash my hair.
He :I'll wait.

So at 11 am we set off for Powis castle.
We arrived at 2.
My husband has worked there on and off for so long that he takes the beauty of for granted.
I have visited a few times but have never been round the house or the garden. We enjoyed the delights of the National trust tearoom and then he went to discuss things and I went round the gardens. I'll just show you. yew.
Its all built on terraces.
The yew hedges are spectacular and some have arches with seats cut into them.
But just look at this wisteria! I have never seen such such er missus.

(I racked my brains for that word..even asked someone in the garden who thought about it too. Then how funny...thank you Jeanette Mistress of Longears for assuring me with your comment about the  lilac. But if these are panicles, what are racemes?)
Anyway whatever they are , they were BIG. And fragrant.
When I got back to the courtyard there was another treat in store.

On the doorstep of the castle, displaying and rattling his plumage at
Mrs Peacock.
He didn't even move when we walked past him into the castle so we could see my husbands handiwork close to.
I have only seen photographs so it was good to see the coats of arms in context in the Long Gallery.
Back to the outside:
Whats not to love about a place with a shield like this? Look  at the chubby little silver chappie on the right.

And of course the meal at Gales Wine Bar of Llangollen was just usual.

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