Thursday, 19 May 2011

Cards and Cat and Commerce.

 These cards were made for my son to send as 'thank-yous' after he was best man at a wedding.
He asked me to make them for him to send so I pulled out the stops.
 It was so nice that he asked me. It tells me a lot!
 It was strange to move back to silk paper from felt.

 I enjoyed making them but there's a lot of work in them and they wouldn't be commercially viable.
But when your son just have to don't you?

In other news..we have at last used some of our airmiles to book a flight to Paris to meet with friends for a few days in the summer. After the booking was done I did a dummy 'buy' of the flights to see how much we'd saved: £179. Not bad. But I had been under the mistaken impression that airmiles gave you nice luxurious non-budget airline flights.

Something else we had to do last week was take 'Mummycat' to the vet. She's white, and she sits in the sun all day and had a wound on her ear that just wouldn't heal. Her ear has been getting smaller, so we had to do the deed.
(The pictures of her have to be taken at a great distance)

On the first day we booked, we failed to catch her and had to cancel. On the second day my husband managed to shove her in the carrier (which had been their dining quarters for two weeks) and shut the door. She is semi feral and after having had her for 11 years she still can't be picked up or handled. They call her feral at the vets.
Feral the peril.. or perhaps we should change it to Beryl?
It took 6 of them to catch her last time the vet tried to examine her.

So the ear tip and a tooth were both removed.
Guess how much?
Go on

Go on..


£178.50 could say we got the cat sorted on 'air miles' with 50p to spare if you don't count the extra £20 baggage costs.

When she got back home I put the carrier on the table. We looked at the poor cat, bleeding from her mouth and her stitched ear tip, half alseep, post operative, and I said 'We have to keep her in for three days, can you lock the cat flap?'

At the very moment I said 'I'm opening the cage', and my husband said 'Im just opening the door to check the flap's locked',  the supposedly sedated cat de-materialised.
I have never seen anything move so fast. Actually I didn't see.

There was much shouting and recrimination.

My husband and I being very different types of people reflected on the event.

Me: She could die of cold outside and we spent all that money .
He: Poor Mummy Cat.. she must be so frightened and might not come back.


She was back bossying about at 7pm and is recovering.
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