Friday, 22 October 2010


Another day another order filled. Unfortunately 'SOR' this time. For the uninitiated this means Sale or Return.
This can be slightly unsatisfactory because they may not 'S' and have to be 'R'd, sometimes, in no fit state to be 'S'd anywhere else. Of course the money doesn't arrive until many weeks later and often you lose track of whats still around.
In fact I visited one gallery recently where my work is for sale, and admired a mirror with a frame made from silk and velvet, and I thought 'I wonder who made that'.
Yes you've guessed..I did.
They'd had it so long I'd forgotten even making it.
However , the Galleries are very high profile and its good to have a presence, so I defer financial gratification.
I made some slightly more symmetrical Paisley type brooches in my usual colours; here are the greys,
and do you remember the meaty coloured felt?
It makes a nice background.
and green,

and a bit of self indulgent pink
and purply pink.
I was aiming to make 20 and just had one to do . I started one in orange and stitched all around the velvet, and suddenly looked and asked myself what it would be like if I decided not to put the frilly edges on.
Instead I did a bit more stitching in matching threads.
I was hooked. 
I think they have an early 60s look. The kind of things you got in books about lino printing, or illustrations of fruits.
The smooth edges are so pleasing to trim away and the little bits of felt left showing are a delight to stitch on.

I should call these 'The First of Many'.

I'm not sorry they are not Pumpkins.
Whats going on in the UK this year with Halloween?
Its like Christmas..the shops are full of scary stuff and even little shops have Halloween displays. 
I don't think I like it. Bonfire night was always my Autumn festival of choice. 
Very British. 
I love reading blogs from all over the world and the cultural and national differences are what makes them fascinating. 
It seems a pity to homogenise all the traditions by aping culture from across the pond.
I've also noticed American terms terms being used by UK bloggers.
'Stopping by' and 'gotten' for example.  Nothing at all wrong with them but somehow eroding the differences.
I agree with Ursula's comment below that language isn't static .
I love that I have contact with many delightful Americans, but I'm sure they -you - like the differences too.

Listen to me...grumping. Its not really important in the grand scheme..just a little niggle. Hope it doesn't cause offence..none intended.
Don't get me going on the misuse of language..'one fowl swoop' and 'heart wrenching' to name but two of my pet hates.

In other developments...I have applied to do three craft fairs, one outside at night on 3rd December, one the day after inside, and one on 18th December inside again.
The second one,Vintage and Handmade, has asked on the application form, for any details of innovative and unusual ways of displaying one's wares.
Short of lying on the table draped only in  back copies of the Womens Weekly and placing my brooches strategically, inviting possible purchasers to mind where they stick the pins when they put them back, I have no ideas.


Maria Dent said...

I love the leaf shapes! the colours are devine! xx

Karen said...

looking glorious!!

Carol Q said...

beautiful Jackie. you have such a fabulous way with colour. Hallowe'en is slowly (perhaps not so slowly) insinuating itself into our culture isn't it? another marketing ploy to make money

lilylovekin said...

I love the new leaf shape, I'm not much of a frilly girl. The rich jewel tones are fabulous.

ferinn said...

Love the smoothies ,they remind me of peapods and yes so reminiscent of illustrations .I laughed out loud at your description of displaying wares in innovative ways!Perhaps you should see if they take you up on it.

Ursula said...

We never had a Halloween tradition in Germany. Now we have, sort of ... You are so right with your critique on importing all kinds of customs. There is no need for it other than generating the demand for another pile of unnecessary stuff.

As for picking up foreign language items (well, not so foreign within the anglosaxon community) I'm not so sure. Language is not a static thing, instead it's ever evolving and thrives on exchange. Shouldn't it be fun? Language is a means of creativity - so, let's play with it. Which doesn't mean we need not take care of our roots with respect to regional vocabularies or dialects and the more formal language levels, at all.

By the way, I love your stuff!

Jackie said...

I see your point Ursula. I hadn't thought of it that way.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your sense of colour is absolutely fantastic (I'm sure I've told you that before and probably more than once). As for Halloween - it has to be my least favourite holiday and most of my dislike has to do with the huge marketing that seems to grow by leaps and bounds every year. What happened to costumes made from what you have and why do we have to have huge displays of candy starting the first of September? Bah humbug! (I know - wrong holiday).

Lynn Cohen said...

Funny what everyone is responding to here. Me? I laughed out loud when you said you admired your own mirror you had forgotten making! It would have been even funnier if you had purchased it!!! LOL

I have the same feelings about putting my art in the gallery gift shops. It can sit there for ever so long. I am waiting to see if my paint brush holders and quilted pocketbooks sell. They take a percentage too if they do. But it's such a good feeling when someone else likes and wants to pay for something you created.

There's a house in our neighborhood that already has lit Christmas light on all the bushes outdoors!
Talk about early!!!!

I like the differences in language and love the word grumping! A first for me to hear that! ;-) Not offended by the discussion in the least. It's hardly heart wrenching.

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

I usually love the bright colors (and still do) but those first grays sure are pretty! Love the 'first of many' that you did. And the launguage thing -- I feel ya. I like the differences - If the craziness continues we'll all sound the same and I'll be saying things like bloody hell!LOL And I'll have to start writing in South Balmer (South Baltimore, Maryland) slang just to be different and that scares me.

melanie said...

these are stunning! I just adore your work!

Radka said...

Interesting read! I agree about Halloween. And by the way, I love the brooches:))


Hello, you are on late! Thanks for the comment on my "other" blog :o)

Your post is as wonderful as always, your brooches are delightful and my faves are the meaty ones being in those warm autumnal tones

I also saw them on flickr but I got distracted by your berry photos and ended up signing for Kim Klassens free photoshop e-course. I know a bit already but eager to devour every PSE snippet I can get at the moment as it's such fun!

There will be blog "over there" tomorrow. I've been writing it for ages ... having to allow time for the laptop to cool down and start up every now and again

Anyway ... rambling on a bit ... have a great weekend Jackie

Love from me


ps. I'm not big on halloween either but I have always enjoyed the fun of pumpkins, bonfire night, fireworks and the smell of hotdogs, candyfloss and doughnuts at an Autumn/Winter fairground and I like scary films all year round not just on Halloween

Having said that, I "wasted" an hour making what I think is a gorgeous mosaic for Halloween (won't say anymore)

Sheeprustler said...

The non frilly ones are gorgeous, they look like autumn leaves! I love the idea of 'one fowl swoop', maybe by a very angry chicken!!

arlee said...

Do that display--i'd love to see you and Helen Mirren doing the sequel to "Calendar Girls" :)

And ALLLLLLL of those brooches are FABU! (Did you see the pic of Karin wearing one of yours to our art reception??)

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

OUTSIDE on December 3rd? I truly hope you're not sick for the inside on December 4th! Love the leaf shapes!

potatobird said...

I honestly can't imagine not loving one of your creations, even the experimental ones which are so very inspiring! These lovelies are no exception!

Betty said...

I love all the colours, especially the pinks and purples although I like frilly edge best personally, hope you don't mind that! Halloween here seems to be shops full of absolute tack - I have seen and bought lovely stuff in America (Cracker Barrell) which is tasteful and colourful but here it's absolutely awful cheap rubbish. Our family were pagan and I have continued the tradition do decorate the house in a nice way with things from nature mainly. As a Christian I am careful of the message I am giving out so selective with what I will allow in the house. Will do a post next weekend when the decs are up.

A time to dance said...

A touch of Victoria Wood entering that there post Jackie....loved the womans weekly reference...I am a 21st century Mrs Mallaprop, forever using the wrong words or phrases (inherited from my Mum), my favourite is ferreging, which could be ferreting or probably forraging...all probably spelt wrong as well to add insult to injury....hope you will forgive me...I always hope its endearing...I love the new leaves...can I order some more of your creations in different colours...paying this time please....lots of love H

Katie said...

The colors make me so happy! amazing leaves!

Marigold Jam said...

Love all the leaves - they are so beautiful. I'm with you on the Halloween thing - I thought perhaps I was the only one who didn't like it and doesn't understand what I'm supposed to do re trick and treat etc!! Perhaps it is because we always had Bonfire Night which eclipsed it but now it seems Bonfire Night can be any time in November and Halloween seems to have taken over. Bah Humbug indeed!!

I agree that language is aconstantly evolving thing but it is a shame to lose the differences in our cultures and like you I fear we shall end up with a homogenised language in which we have no differences - pity too that it will probably be more American than British. Might that be due to films and television programmes (or should that be programs?!) perhaps?


jennyflowerblue said...

Gee wizz your brooches are simply adorable!
I hang on to the idea that halloween is just another hijacked pagan festival and will celebrate accordingly- without purchase of Werewolf wigs or screeching swords!

Lynette (NZ) said...

I love when you post your art - your colour combinations are so beautiful.

menopausalmusing said...

What a lovely varied post Jackie......... I am another who just loves the "meat" coloured brooches. Re the halloween stuff, I can't get over how much of it there is about, but it has to be said that I have found myself picking some of it up and smiling. I roared with laughter at your thought for displaying your work at the Vintage and Handmade .......

French Nanny said...

For the leaves especially, you could get a twiggy branch, set it in plaster of paris and display them. Or hang them from nylon thread...

BTW - I absolutely LOVE them!

Twiglet said...

Great post - yes I too had a "calendar girl" moment trying to imagine innovative ways to display your wares! I don't think it will matter greatly how they are displayed - they are so lovely, they will fly off your stall!

French Nanny said...

OK - if we're going with calendar moments, how about a classical statue with a collection of leaf brooches in place of the fig leaf?

Heather said...

The leaf brooches are gorgeous and so perfect for the time of year. I agree with you about the racing erosion of 'Englishness' in so many areas and think that every country should be proud of and protect it's character and traditions. The first time I opened the door on Oct 31st to cries of 'Trick or Treat' I had no idea what they were talking about! My brain shuts down when I'm asked for innovative ideas. I'm sure however you display your brooches and other lovely items, they will look superb especially if you use your own innovative idea! Best of luck with the craft fairs.

ArtPropelled said...

The simpler leaf shape really appeals to me Jackie and as usual your colours are fantastic. Love the rich autumn shades.

We are very British over here with our terms and traditions. I was surprised that a chocoalte digestive biscuit sounded "exotic" in the States but all the Brits knew exactly what I was talking about and Yorkshire pudding is not recognized in the States either ....duh ..Yorkshire! I should have realized Yorkshire means Yorkshire. I just took it for granted that everyone prepared Yorkshire pudding with roast beef.

WendyCarole said...

oooooooooooooh I think I might have used stopping by but shoot me if I ever put gotten. I hate it.

Don't care for the over abundance of hallow e'en either although I do have a plethora of witches hanging around here!

Love your new creations

Gina said...

Just stopping by... touching base (one of my pet hates!)... to say I think you should go with the idea of being drapped in Women's Weeklies. Smooth edges look good!

Terri said...

You gave me a belly laugh on that last bit! I can just see the men all arriving at your stand.
Love your new leaves. Of course, I love the previous designs, too. You are amazing!
And I do agree with your pet peeve of cultures melting into one another. Me be American... but I hate that I can get a McBurger anywhere on the planet. When in Rome, I think. I prefer to eat, drink and see what makes the country different than mine when I visit. Otherwise why go anywhere else?
Thanks for the chuckles!
<3 U,

Lyn said...

Oh Jackie I have that mental picture now!.......
any way I agree with you on the language and mixing of cultures we are losing identity. I love your leaves and right now is the perfect time for them, the one's without the frills are just as nice as the one's with frills!

Robin Mac said...

What an absolute giggle, what would they do if you really displayed your wares like that? Mind you, I think you will have caught yourdeath of a cold displaying outside the night before!!! I love all you brooches, but especially the new smooth ones - definitely very sixties. We have been taken over by Halloween here too and I hate the tacky stuff in the shops. Cheers, Robin

The Coffee Lady said...

I hope you do go on the 4th. I would love to say hello.

Mermaid's Purse said...

They're absolutely gorgeous Jackie ........... very pretty colours!

JP said...

I love the smooth shapes - where are you doing the craft Fayres - please put details

Rosie said...

Another fabulous post where I can drool over colour and texture, with or without wiggly bits ...

Victoria said...

Your creations just keep getting better and better, (if that is even possible) and your eye for color is out of this world!

Ulrike said...

well, it seems to be a topic which evokes quite strong feelings. I agree with you that there is too much unification going on. We had a rather nice, rather pagan bonfire festival at winter's end where I grew up. I loved it as a child. And it's completely lost nowadays. And we never had Halloween in Germany as Ursula already mentioned. I'm just waiting for the typical US american Thanksgiving to arrive as well. You can already find decoration and cooking ideas for it in some magazines. Christmas was different as well. No Santa but Christkind and we had Nikolaus on dec 6th. I digress and rant.

Anyway, I too love watching different traditions in the blogs. I love seeing spring pictures from Australia in October while our trees put on their last colourful dress before the greys of winter. But I'd prefer a bit more regionality in traditions and festivities. Though I get the impression that even in the US regional traditions get lost in favour of some standardized and consumerized version of Halloween, Christmas and whatnot.
So we're all in the same boat. And the only thing we can do is keep the traditions alive (if we want to) and cling to them. Maybe it will help revive them one day.
The same goes for language by the way. I am a linguist by training and I know very well that languages evolve, change and some die (a lot in fact) That is just how it is. Nevertheless, it is always nice for us linguists to find at least some native speakers of a language left. So maybe we should be the ones to conserve it ;o)

Rachel said...

I, too, like the new smooth edged leaves.

You need to put a clause in your SOR agreements that anything returned unfit for sale will be invoiced.
And then do so. If they want good-quality, handmade stock, they need to look after it!

Wendy said...

Gorgeous brooches, love the colours. I'm not enjoying all this Halloween-ness this year either. I'm just so not interested in it - it's not a tradition we grew up with.

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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