Thursday, 3 November 2011

Love is in the air

Love and some very hastily taken and badly edited photographs but its busy busy busy here at Dogdaisyhill.
Last week I made a 'card' for a lady to give to her friends for their 50 years of marriage.

 I layered sheer fabric and machined leaves and then cut them out and made them into a heart.
I've scribbled their names out (Badly) because just in case anyone reads this blog who knows them..and everyone in the village knows wouldn't be a surprise. 
A lovely couple, kind and generous . I hope they have a great day.

Next a bit of a loss.
Our garden is not the best or the easiest but was dominated by a larch tree. In the summer we would sit under it(Although that hasn't happened for a while) and its gorgeous drooping boughs hung over us like a waterfall.
Birds nested in it and midges made merry in the evening preventing us having chinese lantern lit soirees I used to dream about.
When the wind blew as it does so readily here at 800ft above sea level, branches full of cones hurtled across the garden. In the Autumn the path was a mat of needles. They drove me mad.
It was in the garden when we arrived and had only reached a fraction of its potential height and width. 26 years later that was unfeasible in our narrow space and sadly we had to do the deed.
 Which now means our garden is TOTALLY boring and so is the view. but we do have a goodly stack of wood for the fire which we will need, as we now have no money left for the gas bill. You would not believe what two men up a tree for two hours charge!
Maybe it will improve growing conditions for next year?

I have also been busy making usual. This seedhead was a commission.(I am not Anna was just a convenient white background for the pic)
 Then yesterday was a craft fair in Preston. Moderately successful but sometime you wonder if its worth the effort. I met nice people and there was a percentage commission for a soldiers charity. 

I made almost enough money to pay for half the cost of the cat to have his teeth out next week. 
 Then I came home and catalogued a large part of my stock and listed and numbered and posted off for this event.
If you are in that vicinity you might like to pop in. There are some very good makers and lovely quality of work.
These are the ones I didn't send!

Harris Tweed brooches. 

 Of course felt brooches. I kept the hearts back, 
 but there are plenty of paisley, and  fronds, and leaves.

Today I should cleaning because...and I don't know if I mentioned this....

someone is coming.



jinxxxygirl said...

How exciting to be getting a new puppy! He's so adorable.

I love your brooches , you know i do as i'am sure i've told you a plenty! LOL! They are so well done and original and unique and i could sing your praise from the roof tops. However........

the one reason i don't buy one is because they are too large for my tastes. I like smaller brooches. Have you ever thought of making them smaller? Can they even be made smaller with all the details you put in them? Just a thought that maybe other people out there may like them smaller and perhaps you'd sell some smaller ones.

Hugs! deb

Fiona said...

Just love the seed head. And the puppy is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Your brooches are gorgeous, the seed head is beautiful. And squee! What a cute puppy :D

melbatoast68 said...

Oh My! That "card!" So beautiful and special. I know they will be thrilled.

I do so love your brooches. The color and texture are so wonderful!

You are in for some excitement! Such a cute puppy. Are you ready for the baby?

Monica said...

How i wish I was close to such a lovely Christmas Fair.

Sandy said...

I do love your work. The card is so special. Poor tree but now your adorable puppy will have more room.

hensteeth said...

Your garden must feel like a new land after losing your tree.

Card ... gorgeous, they will be thrilled.

Brooches...I am lucky enough to own your work and I urge anyone that doesn't, to buy now, as they are even more exquisite in the flesh!

As for a certain little someone arriving...I'm as excited as a puppy dog for you. xxx

Thimble Fingers said...

So excited for you ... can't wait to hear how he settles in.

Annie said...

You new little puppy is just gorgeous :-)
A x

Carol Q said...

Dear little puppy Jackie! Hope you do well at Wargrave. Such beautiful work as ever. Your colours always make me drool! The grey shaded seed head is stunning.

Heather said...

The anniversary card will be treasured - it's beautiful Jackie.
It's sad to lose a tree but they take so much from the soil - you'll be able to grow all sorts of things now.
I love the seed head and what a lovely setting for a craft fair, even it it wasn't lucrative. Better luck with the next one.
Exciting day tomorrow! Your new baby looks so cuddly.

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Your stall at the craft fair looks lovely. I wish I was nearer to come and buy some of your lovly brooches.. I sleep until she arrives, I bet you wont sleep much tonight though!!! Happy puppy training!!

Hanni said...

Oh my goodness, what a cutie
All your things are beautiful as always!

Miriam Weaver said...

Lovely work.
That's a gorgeous bed I'm sure Hetty will love it! Clean the house before the pup arrives, you are funny, my house hasn't been clean since Betsy arrived, not for the want of trying!
Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about Hetty. Early night tonight I'll bet.

Iz said...

This summer we persuaded our neighbours to "trim" the ash trees along the boundary fence. We now need sunglasses to go in our kitchen as the morning light is so dazzling! We hadn't realised how much light was blocked until the trees were chopped. Tomorrow, you say? Girl on standby.

Els said...

Hi Jackie, what a pity : that larch tree .... Yes a mat of needles because thát one looses them every winter ;-) Well new possibilities! (might consider a Gingkgo .... slow grower, open crown (no loss of sunshine), beautiful green, and a golden autumn colour !!!)
Your stall was great! Love all the details of the velvet and the tweeds! Good luck for the next one.
What a wonderful wedding card!!!!!
(still have to wait a bit for thát one ;-)) !)
Enjoy your new "baby"

Robin Mac said...

Gorgeous work as usual. My sympathies over the tree - we still miss our large tree which fell over last year, but it did give us a chance to redesign the back garden! Why are you cleaning the house just before you get a puppy? You are going to have so much fun, have you got lots of toys for Hetty? She looks soooo cute.

dosierosie said...

Hetty looks so cute.

alice c said...

Excuse me...out of the way everybody...I need to set up my little tent and folding chair so that I can be first in the queue for some puppy cuddles.

Susan said...

Will you be able to sleep, new little one in the house.

I have been keeping a few items back from my shop as I love them. Glad I'm not the only one.

Also I've been testing the glue - nothing does this as good as wearing the earrings, or the brooch.

But everything else is going in the shop - even the buttons I have no chance of repeating ever!

Sheep Rustler said...

What's his name?!!

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Such a lovely bunch of news...especially your new puppy. I hope you'll be posting lots of pictures!

Maggi said...

Beautiful post. The card is going to be a lovely surprise. What a pity about the tree but it means that you can make a new beginning. Tree surgeons are certainly expensive but worth the outlay.
I guess there are going to be lots of puppy pics on your blog very soon. I certainly hope so.

Bluebell Woods said...

what a cutie pie..........I am a sucker for a furry face. I have 4 poodles.

Twiglet said...

Hi Jackie - I was so inspired with your pretty anniversary card that I had a try myself. Nothing like your clever stuff but fun nevertheless. I have blogged it and added a link to you and your Etsy shop. x Jo

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lynda Howells said...

beautiful, beutiful..beautiful my friend. dog is cute tooxxlyndax

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