Tuesday, 15 November 2011


First there were sugared almonds...

then there were chocolate limes....
and recently..and I had to make special felt ..
for these : caramels!
Or perhaps they are chocolate eclairs? The sweetie chewy kind, not the cakes.
Someone has asked me to make some caramel brooches and its not something I would have considered, but now I'm very glad I did. I love the velvet on the butterscotch felt.

Another person has asked me to make a piece along the lines of 'where the cricket sings', but with some purples in it.

So far I have some pieces of felt ready for stitching.

They look so much better in reality than in these photographs.
But  I love them as they are. Felt so surprising and delightful.
Prefelts and other wools added to a prefelt background. 

This afternoon I have listed LOADS of things in my etsy shop.
I suddenly looked and realised it was very low in stock.
My bargain pieces are the Harris Tweed brooches which are lovely (sorry!) 
                                                    They are like sweeties in themselves.

But the photographs aren't so great.

 Its not ALL about dogs!

(Thank you to everyone who commented and welcomed little Hectic Hetty. Those who didn't receive a reply are 'no-reply' bloggers.)
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