Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Lighter Side

(This post was going to be a major rant but as its a craft blog I decided to post the rant on My Other Blog to get it out of my system. My other blog started life as a practice blog but has gradually developed a life of its own if you're interested. I shall try to confine my non-textile related posts to that other side. )

The next picture is vaguely related to the rant as I took it on the walk I mention.
My little point and shoot Canon Ixus amazes me at times.
I love the colours in this lichen.

This afternoon I have been making felt. It has been suggested that I make pieces of felt to sell on ETSY. What do you think? What would anyone be prepared to pay? Of course, there would be pinks and reds and patterns, but for today it was shades of grey and though I say it myself they just got better and better.

I have, lately been experiencing a freezing up when confronted with colours and materials and trying to plan things. It was the same before I started today.
I want to make a piece of work reflecting the feelings I had in Ireland and am afraid of failing.
So far this felt is a good start but I am still a bit fearful of disappointment in my own efforts.
This one has silk fibres in it.

I am much more at ease when confronted with some marks already made on felt.
I can do 'free style' embroidery.
I thought I'd try some brooches more like the abstracts in the post before last.

Even these require a certain amount of mark making prior to stitching.

When I did the odd shapes in the last post I used felt with random patterns on it. Thye were a good guide and took me to places I hadn't planned.

Planning those 'random' patterns is another story.

When I came home on Sunday I found this dried hydrangea blowing around in the garden.
I was pleased how nice it looked in this green bottle, also found some time ago in my garden.

Hope you like it too.


Gina said...

Beautiful work Jackie and super subtle colours... of to read your rant now ;)

Kitty said...

Lovely pictures Jackie - that little Ixus is a cracking camera.

Like Gina, I'm over to your rant place now.

Take care :) x

Joei Rhode Island said...

Have fun with felting...your prelim work looks wonderful....it does remind me of the rocks with lichen...OK...#3 off to read the rant. lol

karen said...

felt's looking good! Off to read the rant and I hope it's about what I hope it's about...

Sue said...

Quite agree with you about the path - why can't they leave well alone? Round our way the main problem is with people who seem convinced that all trees need to be cut down - it upsets me so much and the sound of the chainsaw now haunts my dreams. Sorry to comment on the other blog here - but I also wanted to say how much I love your handmade felt - it is so ethereal and lovely. I admire your prolific-ness with your work (I know, but I can't think of the right word) x

Carol Q said...

I would buy your felt Jackie!! lovely post, love your random shape pieces

Lyn said...

Lovely, and it sort of goes with the grey of today, but much prettier!
Love the last photo.

Diva Kreszl said...

you do such beautiful work, the colors are just so beautiful! I am on to visit your other blog as I feel certain that every rant deserves to be heard, if only to put it to rest :)

Kayla coo said...

Hello Jackie,
I do love the fluid shapes in your brooches.
I didn't know you had another blog,I will try and find it.

Maria Dent said...

Lovely new brooches. We all need a rant sometimes xx

artymess said...

I love dried Hydrangea heads ....I love the shapes you make and the colours are so rich yet subtle ..........I am inspired.......thanks Lorna x
Off to find the rant now .....

sharon young said...

Love the grey you've achieved with your felt, it looks great with the silk, like rock strata.
Many thanks for your sympathetic post on my blog, I think it may be some time before we decide to get another dog.
Totally agree with you about the footpath.

Heather said...

Your felts are gorgeous Jackie and I'm sure they'd sell. I love that lichen. I know that feeling when you want to produce something special but are afraid to start it. Perhaps you just need a bit more thinking time. The brooches are beautiful and get better and better. I love dried hydrangea heads too and it looks great in that little glass bottle. Off to read your rant now.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Love the silver lichen and silver felt, Jackie.

Maureen said...

Love those brooches Jackie, and the felt looks interesting, must do some housework now then back to read your rant - Happy Easter

Rosie said...

Gorgeous as always Jackie - I love everything you make!

purplesusie said...

If only I was half,( a quarter even ) as talented as you i would be a very happy bunny.
Thank you for the comment, am back in blogland post explains all

Pam said...

Oh Jackie. I wish I felt half as talented as I feel you are!
All your photos are wonderful! Esp that one of the lichen. Isn't it just beautiful. Could you use that as inspiration in your work? Now that would be something to see!
Your felt, even in these colours is beautiful too, and I'm sure people would buy it. Luuuuv the one with the silk in it!
and your little pieces are also so beautiful.
As far as using your feeling to create, just let yourself go and not worry about failure. You don't have to please anyone except yourself. Think back and feel those feelings while you create and you just can't go wrong. That's what creating your own designs and creations is all about.
Listen to me!!! Should take a little of my own medicine! lol. x

Fiona said...

I would be interested in your felt. And was moved by your rant. What a sad thing to happen to a lovely walk.

Caroline and Jayne said...

i've been on your blog before and love your work. Could you pop onto our craft blog www.fiskarettes.co.uk and show a piece or two ? i'm sure fiskarettes would love to see these amaxzing pieces x

JP said...

the felt is gorgous Jackie - very much like your Irish photos

maggi said...

I love the subtle colours in your felt. They just seem so atmospheric. I can't see you failing with this, just go for it.

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Fabulous! Love the bright greens and silvery-aquas. What a fabulous lichen image!

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