Sunday, 15 November 2009

Textiles to Teddington by the Ton

First an apology to my cat Jools...

I blamed him for the spots on my side but it turns out they were shingles.
No wonder I was so down.
I'm better now .
I am taking tablets that look as though they were invented for horses but I am much more positive optimistic and creative.
So even though I have been very poor at reading other blogs recently here's mine.

Much much stuff had been made for next weekends event in Teddington.
Is it local to me?
Am I going to be there?
Will you be there?
I hope so.
I do have some 'admit two' tickets for the Friday Preview , if you're interested as has Karen. Contact me before Thursday and they shall be yours .

Efficiency means adding all the labels as you go along.

Blurry pics sorry. There's very little light at this time of the year.

New Harris Tweediness..

I get pure enjoyment from combining colours and patterns.

Felt brooches..well these were made into pendants before the pin got them,

It was hard to choose which to have as pendants

but there's a bit of everything here.
I thought afterwards I wonder if its beyond reason to think of hanging a brooch from a ribbon so its optional, but maybe the back would dig in?

Harris Tweed hearts have exercised my mind and hands, they take ages to finish but I do love them.

I know I know you're probably sick of me extolling the virtue of the gorgeous woolly stuff...

and do you think I've gone a bead too far?

Just let me loose on the sofa of an evening with my big box of beads and all judgement flies out the window.

I do love piles of finished stuff.

And flocks of it..

Harris Tweet time!!!

I think they are like the Mona Lisa..their beady eyes are enigmatic.
(I know she hasn't got beady eyes..its her smile but you catch my drift)

In the last post I showed you the ad for SPARKLE which appeared in a magazine so I was really pulling out the stops with the felt brooches to live up to the publicity.
They didn't seem to look as good as the picture until they were organised into colours.
I put them in groups of 9 and took the pictures in poor light but what other kind is there at the moment?
Oh yum.
I love colour.

These are my favourite..I've always loved blue.

Quite a lot !

Thank you thank you for voting for me in the Dorset Cereals award. I am at the top at the moment. Only another 15 12 days to go...the egg cup is within my grasp...please get your friends and families on the case.

And finally...I am in in Selvedge Magazine.!!!!
Well more particularly a picture of my work is in Selvedge.
A Gallery in Knutsford have used my pictures in their ad

Woooooooohooo!!! Way Hay!!!
Its one way to get into Selvedge. Its even got my name on it.
The print version of the mag isn't out yet but I've been a-snooping and a-sneaking into their web pages.

I'm looking forward to next week when I can do some housework and catch up with all your blogs.

See you in Teddington?


karen said...

well as you have 100 times more stuff than me I have a stand going spare for you to display your wonderful creations. I also have a few names for you that are unpublishable!!(love you really!!XX)

Lyn said...

I love your birdies Jackie!

Maria Dent said...

Its all wonderful.......... I wish i had that much stock. Im on catch up every week at the moment. Well done you!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Good luck at Teddington - you're certainly well prepared. Love the tweed birdies! Lesley

Gina said...

Everything looks amazing Jackie. I can't believe how much you have made. Really hope it all goes well at the weekend.

Menopausal musing said...

lOVING the Harris Tweets. Be very careful not to overdo it after having had shingles.......

Sue said...

Yes take it easy Jackie, shingles is nasty :-(
I'm not sure I should thank you for telling me about a lush looking yarn shop 20 minutes from my house but...
Hope all goes well at the show thingie. Love your stuff.

cocoa and blankets said...

Oh Jackie...I salivate as I look at all that tweedie lovliness hope you bring some back and put them on etsy...the birds are just fab...and fave mag....fantastic...well done you...

WendyCarole said...

love the beady bits and the birds. Hope you are better soon.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I wish I could come to the show because I would absolutely love to see these up close & personal - however - I'm in Canada & it's a tad far to come.
Sorry to hear you have shingles..that is NOT fun. Hope the horse pills help you get better soon!

Joei Rhode Island said...

Yumm and Yummy indeed!
Good luck! and have Fun at Teddington.
Love the Ad too...lots of color.

alcoholinky said...

coo what a gorgeous feast of colour Jackie. have a great time in Teddington and glad to hear you're over the shingles.

Judith said...

Love your site Jackie!The birdies are so sweet.
Oh Shingles. I don't know much about them, but aren't they extremely painful?
You do so much work, I don't know how you do it when you were so ill. Glad things are better now>

Penny said...

Shingles are horrid, try not to over do it. I am amazed at what you do, and love the hearts, never too many beads, and the birds are such fun.

Julie said...

I want all of it! Especially the hearts, they are beautiful, beads and all! Have fun at Teddington. Unfortunately I will be in Harrogate at the Knitting and Stitching Show (well not really unfortunate but you know what I mean). Glad to hear you are getting over the shingles. Horrible illness!

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I hope your show goes well, what a lovely selection of goodies.

Dot said...

Hi Jackie
I am very pleased you are feeling better and that there was a reason you were feeling so down. I know shingles can be very nasty so please take good care of yourself.

Your post is positively bursting at the seams with color and creativity! You have been very busy.
Dot xx

Wendy Coyne said...

Hearts, tweed, velvet and beads? Absolutley delightful, I bet you don't bring any of those home with you. Good luck

Mary said...

Oh my gosh - have you been busy! I love love love your things. They are all so beautiful. And the shingles...ugh, had that last year. not fun. I hope you are feeling better.

Cathy said...

Looking at all your creations is like walking through the most beautiful garden.
Take care of yourself. My mother had shingles when Hannah was a baby and I remember her having horrible pain.
Word verification is my maiden name. lol

Hens Teeth said...

Hello J
Firstly, I am so sorry you have been suffering with shingles.
You post is a sight for sore eyes and I wish you every success, loads of sales, contacts and networking opportunities next weekend.

Dolores said...

Good luck at the show. This was a wonderfully, colour-filled post of goodies. Thank you.

Chris said...

I love your work and can never get enough of the pictures. More, more, more....and I can say I knew you before all your fame. wink wink. I hope you are up on your feet and feeling well again.


All your things are beautiful. Congratulations on getting in Selvedge Hope you are feeling better soon. Take care. Carolyn ♥

Heather said...

Shingles can be horrid. I had it 2yrs ago - glad you were diagnosed quickly enough to get treatment. I never tire of looking at your glorious tweediness in whatever form it takes. The beaded hearts are gorgeous and I think the idea of fixing a pin as well as a hanging cord is brilliant. Congrats on getting into Selvedge - well done, and best of luck for Teddington. I'd love to come a say hello, but it isn't really handy!

maggi said...

Glad that you finally got diagnosed, at least know you know which makes it easier. Gorgeous goodies. I used to live very close to Teddington but unfortunately now too far. Good luck, you are bound to do well.

Marieke said...

Oh my shingles can be very nasty so I've heard. Hope you will feel much and much better soon.

I also wish you lots of sales at Teddington... I for one enjoyed to look at everything you've showed here!!

silverpebble said...


That's all I can say really, except for the hugest big enormous billowing marvellous congratulations on the image in Selvedge.

Can I please by a tweedy tweety birdy? Are they on your etsy?

Twiglet said...

That post is breathtaking!! Hope the shingles are improving and that Teddington is a brilliant event for you. Wish we were a bit closer.

jennyflower said...

Please don't under estimate how low shingles can make you feel and do allow yourself sme rest and TLC. I can't imaine youll get any rest at Sparkle- wrapping all your sold items! xxx

Max the Lobster said...

i wish i was going to Teddington! they all look so wonderful together. Sorry to hear about the shingles. I have had them and know what its like!

lilylovekin said...

Shingles is a Horrible thing to have. Please be easy on yourself. I love the Harris Tweets. Good luck with your show.

MargaretR said...

What a wonderful collection of stuff you've made. Just given you my vote now and you are well ahead. I think you will certainly be having a posh boiled egg for breakfast in 14 days!

Pam said...

Jackie, I just love, love, love all your goodies. They are so........wantable!! :) Oh and esp those so sweet birdies. Sigh. Want one of those! x

mini pendants said...

I love all of the different textiles! The shapes are great too. I've always sewn, but this is much more than that.

JaneO said...

Just looking at the pictures of your work brightens up my day. Good luck in Teddington and well done getting a name-check in Selvedge.

Kari Lønning said...

What a wonderful collection of pieces! Wish I were closer to see them in person! (Love your color sense!)

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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