Tuesday, 31 December 2019

It means something to me....

(Very ...And now even more..belated post and the photos and memories are now tangled so please excuse )
We Decided to have little break in June and chose Vienna.
I’d always wanted to go and it didn’t disappoint.
We set of on Sunday afternoon from Chorley railway station, and arrived around midnight from Gumpendorfer Strasse underground station and a shortish walk to our apartment. We stood on the steps of the station discussing which way to go, when a young couple broke off snogging to ask if we needed help! How sweet.
It’s not the most beautiful area of Vienna but it was very convenient for the tube to all the other bits. We bought a 72 hour ticket and we got our money’s worth.

We were only asked for it once and I thought the woman was trying to sell me something and waved her away! Oops.
The three days we spent there were full...we walked a long way and it was 30 degrees so quite tiring.
But so worth it.
We set off on the first day walking down aforementioned Strasse towards the more elegant part of town, with glimpses of domed turrets ahead.

Little shops with antique sewing equipment seemed to be everywhere. Dressmakers I suppose. 

We passed a spectacular climbing wall with and Aquatic Zoo above it. 
Then we caught a train and stopped to look at the beautiful Otto Wagner buildings, with beautifully decorated facades in different styles. 

We had lunch in the Market where there was abundant choice of cafes.

Now the detail will vanish as I’m finally finishing this on New Years Eve. 
We ‘did’ Vienna, seeing many things and missing a few others.  Our feet were strapped up with plasters and I took painkillers to help me through! 
We saw many artworks , assorted pics, of Scheile and Klimt.

The Secession Building with the Beethoven Freize

I must admit The Kiss was a bit disappointing. 

We visited Cathedrals and Palaces and churches. 

The view from the top of the Cathedral. 

And we ate in some lovely Viennese cafes and Restaurants
Schwarze Kameel , Beautiful sandwiches.
I also discovered the ‘Hugo’
Prosecco, mint and elderflower.

Apple Strudel at Cafe Sperl.
 Other places we ate were Silberwurt Cafe A lovely garden with a lively atmosphere in the Margherita Schloss area.

This one was a long walk but worth it. Gala is Beisl. Super schnitzel!
Well you have to. 
 The very best part of the whole trip was on our final night when we took a tram for a long journey to Mauer, where we ate in a beautiful Vinyard restaurant called Zahel. 
It couldn’t have been more Austrian...the waitress in full dirndl outfit , trainers and a tattoo. 
We enjoyed a three tier savoury meal and some very inexpensive wine. A perfect end to our trip. 

Zahel Vinyard


Lovely waitress. 

The interior with huge tiled stove. 

Three tier savouries

The old wine press

We didn’t see the Danube ! 
Next time. 

Old folks on tour. 

Beautiful florists

Otto Wagner underground station

Lovely building

Inside the underground. 


Terri said...

Lovely trip. Thanks for showing your pictures. One of my great grands is from Austria, so this was special for me.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I will never get there, so it was lovely to see it through your eyes (and to see you and your sweetheart!). Our friend who passed away last January was from Austria so it brought back good memories of him. Thank you!

Beth said...

What a wonderful trip and it was so good to know you are well and having fun Jackie.

Rachel said...

I hope to get to Vienna one of these days, and now I want to even more!

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