Sunday, 5 July 2015


Two posts in one week? Well I have something to post about. 
Sadly I was so busy I only had time to take pictures of my stand.

 Right (My Gallery!)

 Detail of lightly mounted pieces. The suitcase is my 'browser'. Most went to new homes.

 The June flowers from my garden..And one or two white foxgloves from my neighbours' garden..well they're in Greece for the summer. (Sorry K&J if you're reading..yes I pinched them!)

 The only time I got away I went to see what had to be the stars of the show, the Valais Blackfaced sheep.
They were so fabulous I even heard a woman who was sitting outside phoning someone about them!

There were others though. Just as sheepy, just as lovely and woolly.

 I had a little 'non-Hetty' assistant, Dylan. I was staying in 'his' caravan with his dog-sitter and my friend, Denise who was so kind to me. The caravan was supposedly near to Woolfest but as we discovered, was actually one and half hours drive away! 

 Still, what better way to be set up for the day than to be driving past Windermere, Rydal Water, Grasmere, Thirlmere, Derwentwater, and Bassenthwaite? My favourite place,The Lake district, my favourite time of year , Early Summer; and my favourite activity...wool.

 Dylan was a great marketing tool, as was his guardian, Denise. I mean its great to have someone on your stand to 'big you up' isn't it?
Here's a lovely and satisfied customer with her beautifully matched heart brooch.

I had such a good time, meeting friend s old and new. I met a face book friend for the first time, Fran from Buttons by McAnaraks. She and her partner  had an amazing stand. They came all the way from Inverness, Te stand next to me was a pattern company from Liskard in Cornwall. You probably couldn't get further away from each other in the UK.
 The whole event was fantastically well organised. From the food to the toilets (!) all was amazing. The Woolclip members were attentive and nothing was too much trouble for them. They must have been worn out. 
I was.
I slept almost all day Sunday and didn't do all that much on Monday.
Thank you, thank you.
I hope to be back even if I don't get a stand next year.

By way of a PS...I made a piece for an Australian Magazine, 'Embellish'.
I searched for African Flowers on Google and found the Kirstenbosch Gardens and use the pictures I found to inspire me. I made the piece and uploaded the step-by-step photographs, and wrote the article and sent them.
Do you remember I mentioned the 'deafening silence' in my March post?
Here's the piece.

And guess what?
It was on the front cover!!
All this and a generous fee.
Its a lovely magazine with instruction and inspiration and well worth a read.
More details HERE if you'd like to subscribe. Its available all over the world.

 I was thrilled to be a cover girl.

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