Saturday, 23 May 2015

More May

Its so gorgeous today I must make a record of it. 
We had to get up early for a delivery and its amazing what you can get done when you get up early!
I am an owl. I love my bed except when I have to get into it. Getting out is a different matter. However at the ungodly hour of 7.30 am I was out of it. 

Our two new kitchen worktops have arrived and are very heavy indeed. They are oak, replacing two pine ones which are past their best. We're having new taps and a new base cabinet to replace the one which has almost dissolved due to a dripping tap. Dripping and eventually running. And then guess what? My husband fixed it. 
If he'd done it a year ago we could have saved the expense. And I love my antique taps. I don't really want new chrome ones but I suppose they'll work properly. I gave the copper and brass one last polish today for old times' sake while my husband coated the oak with some oil ready for installation on Thursday.
Anyway its a gorgeous day and we are sitting with the French windows open, with the sun pouring in and the birds singing, and the sound of the cricket match just up the road.
I've spent the afternoon gardening at the front. I thought I'd put these pictures to remind myself how nice it can look.
Its a good time when the clematis is in full bloom, and the azaleas are blazing.

The window on the right is next doors.
The bush I couldn't identify last year I now know to euonymous.
Its getting a bit big for the front.
The garden is in a bit of shade at this time of day from the silver birch which probably needs a trim back. It makes the alliums a bit leggy.

Once a long time ago when I was imprisoned in a classroom, I was planning my escape and staring out of the window and saw a garden I loved, with tulips, forget-me-nots and wallflowers together, and after all these years I did it. 

We have an area under the front hedge where nothing much grows and Brian was mowing and I said 'oh just treat it like grass until it becomes part of the lawn.' He didn't hear me and continued to do it anyway and turned to me and said 'We've got a ha-ha'


So talking of growing..I did this.
Makes me think of a clump of rushes by the river.
It was just a bit of a play with big bold shapes. I didn't like all of it so I cut the bits I did like.

My sewing machine is in the hospital so hand stitch is all I can do. I have a number of prepared pieces ready for the needle!
I wish every day was as lovely as this.


Anonymous said...

It's been a fabulous spring day here too and I agree that it should be celebrated. Your front garden looks lovely!

Terri said...

Love your spring flowers, especially the ones you made. They will bloom for a long time.

Rachel said...

Yes, that piece does look like a lovely clump of something growing - very springlike!

Gina said...

Beautiful Jackie... Garden and embroidery!

Radka said...

Hasn't it been wonderful today? I feel exactly the same about getting up, but today was no problem :-)

Robin Mac said...

Love your garden and your embroidery. I had planned a day in the garden today but the weather here is miserable, so I am reading blogs instead! Cheers

Amanda said...

What a lovely window too! And Euonymus will take cutting back to keep it in line. Everything looks very pretty.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wonder if your well loved taps could be used somehow in your art? Food for thought? So sorry that your sewing machine is in the hospital - do hope she's all better soon.

Chris H said...

'ha-ha' indeed!
You have a gorgeous looking home!

Unknown said...

Jackie, I was feeling really fed up today - rain, wind and more rain have meant I couldn't get out in the garden, and I'm having "creative block". Then I read your last two posts, and I feel so much better. I chortled at the parking ticket and your assertiveness!
Thank you for cheering me up!
Gill Reid

...tiktakro... said...

Happy to found you again,Jackie. I was cleaning my studio drawers and found an old envelope with some teabag papers in it and suddenly I remember buying them from you a lot of years ago ( in 2009 , I've got the mail stamp on it ;) )( now I must remember WHY did I bought it .LOL. ) . I googled for your name ( because I couldn't remember the blog address ) and very happy found your blog. Subscribed again, imagine that :) . I'm happy to read again your posts... and yes, I did spend a lot of time today on your blog catching up with you.
Your works are magnificent! I remain your admirer forever ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie, I am a new follower having just found you on Facebook. I am in aw of your felting and stitching! My gosh it is stunning! Looking forward to following your creative journey via your blog.
Hugs from a new friend from across the pond,
Beth P
Harrisville, New Hampshire

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