Sunday, 24 August 2014


Wouldn't you think that constantly making brooches would make me a bit more careful of time saving?

I do the stitching and then roughly cut them off the main piece of felt.

It would make a lot of sense to iron the backing on at this stage wouldn't it? Then I would only have to cut the complicated bits out once through both layers.

But I can't wait! Can't wait to see how its turned out. Does it work, do I like these points or curves or bends?
So I just have to trim away...
Iron it onto the backing fabric and then repeat the process to get rid of the excess.

Silly really but I do get too excited and can't wait to get to this stage.
Time and motion studies would be failed.
But who wouldn't get excited in the presence of all this pink?

And if you don't like pink..then how about a bit of red?

..with green.

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