Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Year New flame?

 This is my first batch of brooches fro 2013. I started with a new shape. I was a bit unsure about it until I posted it on Facebook and wow! For those who don't do fb its a hive of activity on my page. I am overwhelmed.
On the one hand, I love all the affirmation it gives me, but on the other, I'm a bit stunned by what happens when I put a new batch of brooches on for example. 
 It gives me instant feedback so I can see whats popular or not.
Mind you, prices can put people off. 
I've had a (yet another) rethink about my prices. They are higher in my etsy shop to keep my things in line with stockists, but I always give discount for returning customers, or perhaps fb 'likers' so its not too bad. 
So here they are..the greens...
 ..the pale turquoises......

 and the ambers.
 But this is my favourite..pretty and romantic.

I enjoyed making this.
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