Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Corsages and two ladies

Well, the last post had a single corsage but now I have a grand total of five.

 They are a bit experimental, having a centre in my usual technique..velvet appliqued to felt, and the spiky bits are stitched on a separate piee of felt and cut out, along with a few extras, and then its all assembled and glued in place onto a very lovely antique bronzed suersize pin.
 They are perfect for adding to woollen things such as shrugs or shawls or cardigans. I have a felt coat which fastens with a pin, so I'll be using one of these from now on.

This one is more oval in outline which I thought someone might like.
 I have also started the smaller brooch trail with this red heart...
 I thought I'd show the difference in size, and I love photographing piles of things!

Here's something I started ages ago. I have wanted to make a mirror in felt for a long time but wasn't quite sure where to start. 
I did start with this piece of felt quite a while ago. The little blobs were added pre-felts and were just placed roughly in a 'growy' sort of see I don't really know what I'm doing?

So I just started stitching and chopping until I had this.
 I like the colours and they remind me of pre-Raphaelite paintings. From there I leapt to The Lady of Shalott. She viewed the world through a mirror from a tower and wove her tapestry until Sir Lancelot came trotting by and she was smitten, and....
Well you'll have to read it for yourself. Its quite mesmeric so I added a few scene-setting words that I liked.

You may guess the word River would be in the next lines.
'Thro the wave that runs forever
By the island in the river
Flowing down to Camelot'
Perhaps I should make a companion piece with the rest of the verse!

 Here it is standing on a rather grubby island in the river of untidiness that is my workroom.

And here is not...the Lady of Shalott.

But here is my little Lady in relaxed mode after her op.
I'm happy to say she is much better now. The collar is off but we have to keep our eyes on her for stitch biting.

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