Thursday, 22 March 2012


Pastels are the new black.
At least thats what I've heard. 
I don't go in for clothes shopping much..I might chuck a T-shirt in the trolley at the supermarket but usually I have to be dragged out to buy clothes for such things as Birthdays and Christmas. My Mum is an ace shopper and can usually sort me out. (She's 84)
We managed to get me a lovely coat last Christmas from M&S ..very unusual ..and then after Christmas when they were reduced and I hadn't worn it, even managed to take it back and buy another the same for half the price. I've certainly had my money's worth and I love it, even though I have to spend time with a crochet hook every time I wear it to pull in all the plucks. Its a loose tweed in pinks and oranges and black. I love it.
Anyway I digress. I haven't , personally, been near any clothes shops so my information comes from the radio and I hear pastels are in.
So I thought I'd make some brooches..or shapes anyway just to get me back into the swing of things. 

 I made some sugared almonds coloured felt.
 Dyed some pastel velvet..(I hate dying..I've had a few requests for my dyed velvet but I don't think I'll be making enough to sell anytime soon) 
 and then got going with the machine. I'm a bit rusty. A bit uninspired. Can't really be bothered.
 But I quite like these 'parma violets' .
 The round one is rather large.
 I like the yellow ochre with pink..its a bit discordant but it pleases me. 
 Meanwhile in the sewing room Hetty has almost completed her own little project. She's chewed a strip off my big 'rolls' box, attacking it form both sides which have now almost met in the middle.
When they do, and the top of the box drops off it will be a big mess.
She did me a favour though...I heard a loud rustle and discovered she'd found my roll of baking parchment. I'd forgotten I had it.
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