Sunday, 10 July 2011

Two tours

Yesterday we had the preview of our Exhibition at Astley Hall Coach House Gallery, Chorley.
A beautiful space. We each introduced our work with a few words and had a fun time with our invited guests.  Here's my corner.
 In this picture from Left to right, Jenni Ripley (3pieces) Elizabeth Rayton (5) then two and a half of Mary Holden's
 Mary's full works here,
 Brenda Smales' work then around the corner to 
 Gill Yates' print based works,
 Here's the bad need of a re-organise which I'll do some time soon.

 On to the retrospective section..more of Elizabeth's,
 Yvonne Downing,
 my work to the left and Gill's work to the right.
 Margaret Kay's 'Pool at Le Jardin Majorelle'. 
I've missed a few but I'll get them on another day.
 Here's a long view of the whole space. 
Me again 
 and I hope you'll forgive this one. Its all part of trying to be less self conscious..and makes me realise I haven't lost as much weight as I thought!
It also looks stiff because my husband takes so long to take a picture I'd got a bit tired of smiling.
Now a tour of last weekend when we should have been in Paris. We couldn't go, but look at these pictures. 
I know where I'd rather be? 

Lunch at Chesters by the River at Skelwith Bridge.
 then we drove to Elterwater village and walked back towards Skelwith Bridge along the river.
Just enjoy, especially the Herdys under the trees.

Update: Just watched' Countryfile' on BBC and there was an item on Herdwick sheep. Farmers lose 70p per sheep on the fleece. It costs more to shear them than they can sell them for, so they may be a sight which will disappear.
Beatrix Potter was a great champion of the Herdwick.
 The doors to the workshop at the Lakeland slate company.

 Then home via the Windermere ferry
 past Belle Isle.
Better than Paris.
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