Friday, 15 February 2013

Fishy February

Where have I been since the last post? I don't really know. The time was once when I would photograph everything I did and blog about it but I suppose after 4 years the novelty has worn off.

 Its not that I haven't been doing anything . I've been busy-ish.

After the last post I made a brooch I absolutely love.
Its in my etsy shop but I don't know how I'll cope when it goes!

I've had my hair cut. Hetty's had her hair cut.

I've read some books.

I've been playing internet scrabble and winning some, but losing to a lovely lady called Patricia. I keep trying.

I have also been rather shocked by a 'scrabbler' who hoped I wanted to 'chat.' 
A young woman. 
I clicked ono her fb page where it says she is training in massage, and there were lots of photos of her wearing black, and some comments saying she was looking for middle aged ladies. 
Well I'm no longer middle aged and judging by the photos, she wasn't looking to sort out my sciatica or realign my chakras!
 I'd forfeit but I'm winning.

I've run out of all my making 'ingredients' at once so have had to buy new threads from Silken strands:

and new velvet which I have to dye.(urgh! Hate dyeing)  This time I bought it from 
Beckfords mill...cheaper carriage than Whaleys so for just one metre it was a better value.

New card for my labels from The paper mill shop
(Its white pic needed)

And new brooch backs from Angela at The Bobbin Patch.

I recommend all these places for quick delivery and excellent service.

So for the moment I've had a lot going out and only a little coming in. Oh dear.

I've had a little play with some ideas for work for an exhibition in Summer.

I wanted to do 'collective nouns' so I started with ideas about a shoal of fish. Years ago I was a good drawer..but now I freeze up when I want something to be right.
I started some sketches in a little 'best sketchbook' but they weren't right. Then I went up to my sewing room and did some doodles on the back of a letter and they were more like it. This is all I've come up with for now. Just to see how it worked.
  From those I did some samples .

When I went to the felt group I made a piece with vaguely fishy shapes which I intend to stitch but I'm not liking the way its going. I think all will disappear into the background once stitched but I must give it a go.

I've also at last finished the final two pieces of the six I cut from a large piece of felt ages ago.

Here are the first four I made which I've already shown.

And these are the other two with details. I made the large motif separately ages ago.

And I've done a bit of gardening  weeding.

However, judging by the look of my front flowerbed which has sunk lower every year after substantial neglect and sporadic grass removal,  and is now a low lying clay sump full of water, I think the only way to go, as with my sewing, might be fish!


jinxxxygirl said...

Always...always good to hear from you..sounds like you are keeping yourself busy! Same here. House is almost put back together and i feel like i can finally get back to 'life' . lol....Love all your lovely pictures you are so talented! Hugs!deb

Jennie Atkinson said...

The brooch is absolutely fantastic and I love the felted squares. Looking forward to chatting with you about all this when we meet up in Ballyvaughn. Your work is just so amazing! See you soon!

Heather said...

It sounds as if you have been very busy. I love the brooch, and the fishes and the leafy felty stitchy pieces. I also love Hetty's spring hairstyle.

Lyn said...

I love the fish! Xxx

Celia said...

Wonderful 50's shapes and colours, I love them!

Rachel said...

The trick with the sketching might be to use a brush instead of a pencil, or some other technique that's new to you, so that some of the anxiety is diminished - with a new technique, you don't expect perfect results straight off, and you might find yourself "unfreezing".

Terri said...

How about a might be a really popular shape - some white with black faces - some any color?

Terri said...

BTW I love your new brooch!

Ali Hogg said...

you sound ultra busy, the felt squares are amazing, ali

Liza said...

I love all this work, especially the colours of the fish pieces.

bea's blog said...

♥ the <°)))><

Anonymous said...

I like the new brooch and Hetty's haircut and you've made a stunning job of the final two pieces (of six).

Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

Love your new brooch too! And the fishy idea is going to be brilliant! Have you thought about scales? Can't wait to see it develop.

Fuzzie Fingers said...

The brooch is lovely. I think if you really love something you make you should'nt part with it. The fish are looking great and I love the colours in the felt squares. I saw some of your work a couple of years ago at an exhibition at Astley Hall. I hope you will mention on your blog if there is one there this year.

Jacqui Chimes said...

Your work is as beautiful as always - keep blogging it please

Carol Q said...

beautiful work as always Jackie - even if you are not entirely happy with it so far... Hetty looks gorgeous as ever. I'm just down the road from Beckford Mill. I've been to the shop but one day will go round the workshop and watch them making the silk.

FeltersJourney said...

ooo your felting and stitchery are gorgeous as always! Love your work!
This post made me smile so many times.. thank you

Joyce said...

Hi Jackie,
I wonder if you might share how you dye the velvet sometime...I dye cotton all the time but would love to venture out to velvet! Thanks for sharing your work.....Joyce

susan christensen said...

Hello Jackie - what fun to see and heat what you have been up to. I am interested in you ideas for fish (my Pisces nature perhaps) - do think it will lnend itself beautifully to you velvets an felting. Hetty looks very spruce. -sus

Robin Mac said...

Well, you may not have been blogging, but you have certainly been busy. All those felted pieces are just beautiful. Interesting scrabble are definitely NOT old so you must still be middle aged! Good luck with your dyeing. Cheers

Anonymous said...

I love the layering and stitching you've done on the felt in your square pieces - beautiful! =D

Maggi said...

The new brooch is gorgeous. Love the fishy pieces too. Wonder if you look as smart as Hetty😉

ferinn said...

Just looked a Wow and your workshop.Thanks so much for sharing your watercolour felt technique,though I doubt anyone will do it as well as you.

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dear Anonymous.....

....don't waste your time...I have a spam filter.