Thursday, 17 June 2010

Pictureless post.

If you can't be bothered reading this please don't feel bad!
I just feel the need for an update and a few odds and ends.

First moan: I keep getting people wanting to write 'guest posts'. Now why on earth would anyone want to do that? Why would I want anyone to do that? My blog is what it is. If some of the posts are not up to scratch it doesn't matter..I don't necessarilly want other people sticking their oar in because then it wouldn't be mine.

Second moan while I'm at it (and I've been thinking about this for quite some time so I may as well get it out here and now) When we were in Norwich we went to the Loch Fyne Seafood Restaurant. We'd been to the one on Loch Fyne once and loved it so thought we'd try it.  No table for 45 minutes so we went off for a drink, came back and were seated by a bossy young woman who made much of the fact that she was going to be 'Looking after' us. Well call me old fashioned but I don't want to be 'looked after ' in a restuarant I just want nice food to come without having to wait ANOTHER 45 minutes. Obviously her idea of 'looking after' wasn't the same as my idea of 'looking after'. There was much jumping about and asking how we were 'doing' and a very mediocre meal.
Ahh thats better.

Now for something good.
The blue tits are having a busy time keeping up with their noisy brood flying in and out every two minutes. (Its a good job they're not at the Loch Fyne) and yesterday there was a 'beak at the window ' moment when one of the littlies stuck its head up and looked out of the hole. You could tell it was a babe because it was all yellow beak with that silly cartoon expression that only baby birds can do!

Something else good: My son ..(oh aren't sons lovely?)came and rigged up the telly in my sewing room with a digital aerial so  now I can watch BigBrother Cultural Programmes  while I sew.

I was needing a way of hiding all the wires which accompany this major breakthrough, so while looking for an extension cable in the 'spare room' (not really spare..full of 'stuff' which is the boys equivalent of my stash) when I found a box containing the following: One National geographic Fleece ( free gift when I subscribed years ago); one old 'Bench' fleece; two pots of spike your hair up stuff; a jar of pennies;  and here's where it gets good....a craft knife, a roll of wide masking tape, a roll of duck tape and a tape measure. Yes there's gold in them thar hills..... I greedily took them from my sons' stash and added these last items to my own. Yes that apostrophe is correct..two sons..two stashes all in one room.

And finally  a plea. have you ever lost a blogger?
I read one last year and have completely lost it.
It was when I was contemplating doing a certain craft fair and I was convinced I'd had a long discussion with this particular blogger about it but then she wasn't there.

Here are the details:

Makes printed letters and cards.
Has wavy blonde hair longish.
Blogged about doing well at a craft fair maybe 8 months ago. Said something like "I realised maybe I could make a living doing this'
Wrote a post about how to present yourself at a craft fair.Said you are part of the product and should look the part.
Is it you?
Do you know who it is?

(I feel I should add here that I only want to know who it was...I'm not a stalker. Or even a lurker...I was having a conversation with someone who I thought was this blogger and turned out to be a different one!)

Its driving me almost as mad as trying to find the film with two little boys playing in the snow and putting an important  telegram in a round tin and losing it in the snow that I watched hundreds of years ago. (Well half a hundred years ago)
But I've given up on that one.

If you have been...thanks for reading.
Your a star..or a galaxy ...


karen said...

I delete the guest post mails too, the 30 euros is an insult in itself and as for the viewing of culture that is big brother, bring it on, I am remote control is dizzy!

Menopausal musing said...

I am small, fat and grey haired, so that rules me out. Pah!

Lovely for you to have a yellow beak moment! As for BB.... I am loving the styling of it this year. Love all the circussy theme........

Diva Kreszl said...

well your mystery blogger isn't anyone I recognize but I do hope you find her :)

karin said...

I dabble in following blogs but sometimes run out of time for all that.... but I do love yours. And I am an apostrophe's aficionado. So I am glad you are helping people with it's use.
My son recently got a dictionary for his 18th and the middle section has use of English stuff and words that (I guess) the OED people don't want to disappear... and a wondrous section on the "'"
Speak soon, Karin ----you have my email :-)

Anonymous said...

I certainly wouldn't want to read a guest blogger on your site, I come over to read what you have got to say.
No idea who your lost blogger is I'm afraid, I'm doing that all the time.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

No help with your lost blogger I'm afraid, but nevertheless it's good to know I'm a star (hah). Hey, I gotta take the accolades wherever I can!

Magic Cochin said...

I delete those guest post emails too. My blog, my rules!

Mystery blogger - was it ?

I don't know if she's blond but she does printed letters and cards and craft fairs.

Cambridge Loch Fyne is like the one in Norwich, by your description, so if you're in Cambridge you should avoid it!


kay susan said...

Ah! Those "guest post emails" I've had a few of those too. They want to write a post on my blog in return for a link advertising their service. I've also recently been getting emails asking if I would like to write a guest post or to have my blog featured on a website, and then they will put a link to my blog and a link on my blog back to their website and pay me 30 euros or dollars. NO WAY! The trouble is, if this kind of mail increases, it will stop us putting our email addresses on our blog profiles. Someone always comes along to try and spoil our fun!

jennyflower said...

I got my first guest post mail the other day.(does that mean I've hit the big time!?) Glad you are improving your mind and moral fibre whilst stitching- good work! xx

Monica said...

I love these random conversational posts... carry on!

NuminosityBeads said...

I haven't heard of the guest post thing, sounds kind of like some sort of spamola. I agree, what's the point?
Good luck on finding your mystery blogger!

Oh, and I was thinking of you the other day when I decided to make spruce tip infused vodka with spruce tips from the nearby woods.
xoxo Kim

Heather said...

I've never heard of 'guest posts' - are they for people who aren't interesting enough to have their own blog?! Your meal at the Loch Fyne was obviously far from fyne. Glad the bluetits are thriving and yes, sons are lovely - I've just the one.
I have lost bloggers - it's so frustrating. I can't help you with yours though I would love to have longish blond wavy hair and be able to make a living selling my work!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

A very entertaining read Jackie - hope you find your blogger! Lesley

Robin Mac said...

I also got my first 'guest email inquiry' this week - I think it is an insult so I just deleted it. I hope you find your blogger, it is very frustrating. Talking of apostrophes, have you read the fascinating book 'Eats Shoots and Leaves' by Lyn ??? (can't remember her surname) all about grammar and the apostrophe in particular. She is English and a lot of fun. Hmmm, her surname may be Truss. Cheers, Robin

purplesusie said...

Jackie Loch Fyne in Bath and York are wonderful, just the right amount of customer/waiter interaction.
BIG BROTHER!!!! oh dear,
If I wanted to read other bloggers I would, I love reading your blog and to share the ups and downs of life is a treat. When the removal men come to pack up the house in a few weeks time i will still be able to keep up on my iphone, (at that point i will need an escape to stop me going round the bend!!!)

maggik1 said...

Gosh! I've missed so many of your posts - good to catch up. Love the i-phone cases - hope you sold a lot at A&G? Loved the dietician story. I consumed gallons of pasta and it's all sitting on my lap now! Whose dog are you dog-sitting for?

Jill said...

Can't imagine why people would invite themselves to write on someone else's blog and sorry I haven't come across your lost blogger. But I am glad that you have had your fledglings large and small and feathery to cheer you up.

Julie said...

It wasn't me, so that's one less to wonder about :o) I've been getting those guest post thingies too and I've just deleted them. Just another form of spam I think.

Thanks for the Loch Fyne warning. I shall stay away unless it's the genuine article :o) That means we will have to go to Scotland. Geee! It's a tough world ;o)

vintagerockchick said...

You really made me laugh - restaurant sounds a nightmare - I hate it when they come round and ask how the meal is - don't they bloody know, they cooked it ?!??!?
The whole guest post thing seems to be on the up - I've had two this week which I binned.
No suggestions re the mystery blogger - do you know where she had the craft fairs?

Jill Eudaly said...

funny stuff...I would type LOL but i hate that kind of thing...guessing you would too. no need to have a guest have it covered.

Dot said...

I hear you Jackie. I have received emails about guest posts too. And to write reviews for books. Also find I am getting a lot of spam comments from shall - we - say ' interesting' web sites from Japan!
Sorry to hear about your experience in the restaurant. I get annoyed with bad service too!
Hope your mystery blogger turns up :).
P.S I wouldn't want to read a guest post on your blog. I love your style.

WendyCarole said...

It does seem strange wanting to write a post on someone else's blog. Although I have followed a couple that have had guest bloggers. I assumed they were invited by the blogger to write on specific theme. Then wondered why they just didn't have a link to that person's blog.

Max the Lobster said...

many years ago, too many to remember we used to frequent a great restaurant in Norwich 'Captain America's', yes burgers! I remember it with so much nostalgia it might not have been that good but we were happy. Service excellent and atmosphere cooped but great! Sorry about Loch Fyne!

artymess said...

Thought it was a 'Grumpy old woman post' when I started reading .....he he ......yes exactly WHY ????would someone want to guest write your blog ???I don't get one could write as eloquently or be as amusing as myself ....or you of course finding 'stash when you least expect it .....x

Helen-S said...

Our favourite local pub-restaurant has been turned into a Loch Fyne (and so they closed the pub garden which had a brilliant kids playground - grrr) - I shall continue to boycott it then!

Can't help with your blogger - definitely not me!

Kitty said...

Ah yes - the guest post emails - I've had them too. :( I just delete them all - what's the point of someone else writing your blog? We all want to read what YOU have to say.

I'm enjoying BB much more this year, with the Live Feed being available again. Makes it all much more 'real'. I got Corin in a sweepstake - thought I didn't have a chance of winning, but now I think she's quite a sweetie.


The Coffee Lady said...

Barely anyone wants to guest post on my blog. One person did, but we didn't write about anything near the same things.

Thimble Fingers said...

Tell the guest blogger to blogger off ... if they've got anything interesting to say we'd read their blog. In the meantime we're more than happy reading what you have to say ... thats why we visit your blog and not theirs !!!!
As for the restaurant ... don't you hate it when you they come up every 5 minutes to ask how the meal is ... you've usually just crammed a forkful of food in your mouth too, and can only nod and grunt, like at the dentists.
Oh I do like to read your blogs ... even your bad days and moans are fun and uplifting.

verobirdie said...

Oh the babies surely did entertain you a lot! It is always a great sight.

Rosie said...

Oh it's not just me then ... the odd RANT is definitely good for you! No it wasn't me either, but I have done lots of craft fairs in my time if that helps. Get in touch if you think it might?

andrea said...

Jackie, is the film you were referring to belle and Sebastien?
Andrea W

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Dear Anonymous.....

....don't waste your time...I have a spam filter.