Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Turning of the Year

Its that time of year again.

The time when I wish I had been driven to stitch other things than felt brooches a bit earlier in the year.
The time when I work to get a delivery for a local Gallery Christmas show.
But my 'silk muscle' has withered. Its taken me a while to get back into shape and some of these pieces, cuffs and brooches, are my limbering up exercises and not quite up to performance standard.

We have been under stress lately and its hard to be creative when you have a worry.
I go through well tried motions and the results are ..well.....neither here nor there.

While probably quite acceptable
I feel they lack the verve and spontaneity of earlier pieces .

It was very difficult to take decent photographs this week with such dull conditions and low sun.

There was one little strange I-don't-know-where-this-came-from piece.

I had just seen a TV programme about Madonna.

I would have made more things today, but I had to make three trips to the Hospital .
One to take an elderly neighbour, with his wife, for an appointment.
He had to be admitted so the second was to take his wife back with his necessary belongings and for a visit in the afternoon.
The third was because when I got home from the second I couldn't find my purse.
I drove back 5 miles to search the car park.
There was no sign of it.
I went inside and on my way to the main reception I just happened to pop into Outpatients where two receptionists were huddled over the computer screen trying to get in touch with me.
They had my purse.
I wish I could thank the man who had found it on the car park and handed it in.

There are good people out there.

(I do love our newly painted garage.
Ball Green and Clunch.
With red leaves.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

These are lovely pieces, as always. Hopefully you will soon have your problems lifted and can get your creative groove going again. Thoughts are with you.

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

i think that your pieces are lovely, I especially like the blue/green one. I hope that your problems are soon resolved.

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Thank heaven for people who do the right thing! And your self-evaluated "blah" pieces are still a treasure to others, including me! Hang in there!

arlee said...

Trust and have faith, Blossom.

DILLY said...

Green be exslent culler for dor.

Be very kind goin hopsikol!
Dilly be glad find perse.

Think all soings be LUVLY!
Like gweeeen wun speshly.
(An pink)


ArtPropelled said...

None of these look like limbering up exercises. They are all wonderful. I can see the Madonna influence in that last one. Admiring your newly painted garage. Hope the worries disappear soon.

connie said...

I like your Madonna inspired pieces. You always make great things.

I am so glad you got your purse back. That must have been a terrible feeling. But you are a great neighbor.

Take Care

Swirlyarts said...

I love the pink ones! And yay for nice people who returns purses.

Kim said...

Luvin your shapes.

JJ Beattie said...

..."its hard to be creative when you have a worry"

That's very true. I'm suffering from that myself but I think your pieces always look gorgeous.

I hope your worries fade soon.

Menopausal musing said...

There ARE good people out there, and hopefully, good times around the corner and when they arrive you will feel happier about your work. x

silverpebble said...

Funny, I was drawn to the shapes on the 'Madonna' one. I know what you mean about stress affecting creativity but I've tried to see the difference in your work and I can't. It seems as vibrant and full of movement, colour and texture as ever. Eminently strokable and definitely buyable.

kay susan said...

There's nothing wrong with these lovely pieces Jackie, it's just the way you are feeling right now.

Maria Dent said...

These are all wonderful!

WendyCarole said...

So glad you found your purse. I hope your stresses don't go on too long.

I love all the things you have made. Especially those bright pink ones

Sending big hugs to you

mimilove forever said...

Well done on the purse return, now that's karmariffic! :)

I know where you're coming from when you feel your work isn't up to par but these latest peices haven't been affected by any bad juujuu at all...they're indeed is the word CLUNCH!

Hope things are back on an even keel for you xx

Rosie said...

You know that I love everything you do, and I can't see any of this "not up to scratch" work ... but then I am very critical of my own work, so do understand it. Actually the pink and grey ones (inspired by Madonna) are my absolute favourite! Why are they curved - are they meant to be worn?

vintagerockchick said...

Jackie, they are really beautiful. Do you draw a design before you start to stitch or do you start stitching & the designs evolve? However you do it - your work is lovely - but then I'm always a sucker for a pink heart!
And it's true, there ARE more good people than bad in this world - we just only get to hear about the bad'uns. Gill x


Lovely post today Jackie. Your "acceptable" is our "WONDERFUL". I especially love the soft pale pink pieces and the "Madonna" pieces. Very, very, lovely

Glad you got your purse back. I know that feeling. One Christmas I left mine (containing all my Christmas spending money) in a phone box in Reading. Five minutes later I realised but it was gone. Reported it to police etc. someone found it. When I went to collect it from their home I sobbed uncontrollably as the people were so poor, they had nothing, but were so honest and lovely :o) [I am crying now!]

Hope what ever is troubling you lifts very soon xx

ps. I got an email that you added me as a facebook contact. I would reciprocate but I can't remember my password for facebook, I can't remember how I got on there and I've probably got no friends other than your! Bye for now ... Carolyn xx

Gina said...

Your work looks as beautiful as ever to me - especially love the vibrant pinks and the soft pink and grey. Thinking about you. x

cocoa and blankets said...

I think they are lovely, abnother nice combo for the hearts green and blue...lovely...hope you yours are well....thinking of you...H

sesga loves 1950s said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE All of them ,Especially the pink Circle ones yum yum .
You were so kind to take your neighbours to the hospital ,thats why your purse was handed in good karma and all that .
Hope all is well love from sesga xx

Heather said...

The sumach leaves show up so well against your newly painted garage. Glad you got your purse back, especially as you lost it being a good neighbour. Your latest pieces are still beautiful, just a bit more restrained than usual and some people will prefer softer colours. You might like to know how enduring your brooches are: I wear mine on a cotton quilted jacket and recently it needed washing. I popped the jacket in to the washing machine on a low temperature cycle and to my horror when I took it out, I realised I hadn't remembered to take the brooch off. Not to worry - it is as good as new. I felt sick for a moment until I saw it was OK. You will soon get your verve back, and I do hope your worry can be resolved.

Hens Teeth said...

Hey Hun ~
Goodness I adore that soft mushroom/pale pinky/sort of colour...I understand where you are coming from. Impossible to concentrate on being creative when stressed. Chin up sweetheart. x

Sue said...

Oh how I do love a piccy of Farrow and Ball in situ - what a great combination you chose and it looks fab with your little tree too. Very chichi. Also I really like the strange-where-did-it-come-from piece. Lovely colours. And I forgot to comment on your last post that I really LOVE those handstitches - they are making me swoon. Gorgeous work :-)

jennyflower said...

So glad all ended well with your purses little adventure. I can see there is a little more control in the stictching, does it feel like you are holding on very tight? I hope the stitching soothes you and the bands loosen. Love xxx

Julie said...

Just sending you a hug Jackie xx

Lyn said...

You are right there are nice people out there!
Hope you are well? I am popping up to see Shan next week, we might bump into you in Aberkans, I believe they have moved premises!

karen said...

well these look mighty fine to me!

kate fern said...

Your work is always wonderful!! Like Heather I think these are a bit less exuberant than usual, but still beautiful.
best best wishes, and thank goodness about the purse.

Jude said...

Jackie..stay where you are.. quite often it's not good!!
I'd love to step out the door and speak my own language to someone or even understands my daily concerns..
Even better,would be able to walk down to the local shop and buy a packet of white chocolate buttons..
Love the colour of the garage, specially with the stags horn leaves, we used to have one.

Irishgirlsews said...

Yes, stress can be so overwhelming and causes the creative spirit to become bogged down, but.... I think your work is lovely, the colors the designs everything looks joyous and happy and inspiring!!

Chriss said...

Love your work, even the ones that you think are not up to scratch!! Things will ease and one has to smile when good things happen like your purse being handed in.
Love the Madonna inspired peice.

whitney-anne said...

they are every bit as much 'you' as the more vibrant pieces ( nothing dull about that pink now is there?) Creativity can be a real refuge when things are stressful. You can go inside it and shut the door. Yes, the troubles are still there when you come back out but you've had time away in a different wonderful colourful country.

Christine said...

I keep going back to look at the grey/pink ones - they're gorgeous. There's a whole story in that row of hearts!

Victoria said...

I think the new work may feel a bit quieter, maybe a little less exuberant, but it still has plenty of beauty much worth, and lots of class... in other words they are still wonderful pieces! You have a lot going on, and it's natural for energy/creativity shifts. Hoping this week brings much sunshine and happiness to you. (And you are a good soul to do all that driving... thank goodness your purse was found and returned!)

jude said...

no kidding...hard to be creative when you have to worry, tell me about it.

Linda said...

Of only my 'limbering up' exercises could look so good.....
Hope you're feeling happier today my friend. Sending *hugs*.

Gigibird said...

Nice paint job!

I do think that most people are honest and helpful -its always a few dishonest ones that ruin it for everyone.

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dear Anonymous.....

....don't waste your time...I have a spam filter.