Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Naming of the Blog

The most difficult part is the Naming of the Blog.
I had it all worked out..several times.
Several someones got there before me.
So look what I ended up with.
Is there anyone out there?


Sue B said...

Well welcome to blogland Jackie!

StegArt said...

I'll join Sue in welcoming you to the wild world of blogville.

arlee said...

ABSolutely, and always :}

hens teeth said...

Well ~ I found out about this the long way round ad not from the horses mouth! We can go into blog-land together ~ as it's all a bit of a head scratcher at times! Good luck with this Jackie ~ I'm adding you to favs now ~ viv x

Carol said...

Welcome to blogland Jackie, great to see you here

saraeden said...

Great to see you have a lovely new blog !!! Off to add you to my fave list :0)

Sara x

Robyn said...

The same thing happened to me. I had this wonderful name all planned. It was loaded with meaning....but someone else got it first. Several names later the name I eventually chose was actually perfect....better than my orignal choice.

BTW I love Dogdaisychains!

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