Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Birds have been hatching in October.
I've been thinking about making them for years and at last got round to it.
This was the first one.

I made it into a brooch and sold it immediately.

Suddenly I got into gear and continued to make them.
Each one is started with a machined outline on felt. I make a pile of them.

Next a pretty velvet wing is added.
And a new pile is made.

Then some nice tail feathers are machined and a beak and some feet. 
(Sometimes one, sometimes two. Just depends how I feel.)
And I make the pile again.

 Then I put the pile in a box and take them downstairs, with all my yummy hand threads, and sit and stitch little patterns on each them using French knots and lazy daisy and running stitch.

I get ridiculously involved in minute detail and very excited by things such as these little black stars with shiny white centres.

Then I take them back upstairs and machine a stiff piece of Vilene on to stiffen it, and start another pile.
Then I trim the Vilene down to the outline.

                       I go through the pile again, ironing a backing of Liberty lawn floral fabric on .

 Then I trim the excess felt and fabric away.
Some are going to be brooches and some have ribbons.

 I did that just before I wrote this post but it's too dark to photograph them.

 I used lovely shades of Organza ribbon .
 I ordered some from a company called Stylish and stunning. The order was wrong and no amount of emailing, phoning, and even returning the order has elicited a response from them. So avoid Stylish and stunning at all costs and use instead Printfare who sent me a perfect order within about three days, all correct.

I'm making more soon. 
I will be putting some in my shop eventually.
But don't know when.
They will be the same price as the brooches.

Here are the finished birds. Photographed this morning.


Anonymous said...

So lovely!

Heather said...

They are so lovely and would make a great decoration hanging from a bunch of twigs. Not to mention beautiful Christmas or birthday presents.

Rachel said...

They do look lovely. And "murmuration" is such a wonderful word...!

Plum Cox said...

They look fabulous! Love the details that you add to each of them - I'd be excited too!

FilzGarten said...

So lovely and detailed!

Sharon - IN said...

So you. So lovely!

Pam said...

They are stunning Jackie! and being little birdies makes me love them all the more! The details are so very perfect. xx

Emma said...

delicious birds, I started making mine last year but my DH prefers yours! He has good taste - I shall persevere.... ;)

Robin Mac said...

You are so talented Jackie. These are gorgeous. Shame about that ribbon order, but great to know the second company was so satisfactory. Cheers

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You have outdone yourself with these Jackie!! I am happily imagining a Christmas tree all decorated with these. Wouldn't that be absolutely amazing!!

Gretel said...

They are sooo gorgeous Jackie, and all grouped together like that are a visual feast!

swig said...

really lovely!
I don't know which one I prefer…
warm greetings.

Betty Balmer said...

Hi - are they going to be available on etsy (I looked at the weekend and couldn't see) or somewhere local (I live near by) - or am I too late? Have they flown.

Jackie said...

Hi Betty, they are destined for Artisans in The Palm house this weekend (Sefton Park Liverpool) but I'm sure there will be some left which I will put in my shop next week. I've made lots more.

Threads through my life said...

Nice to see you at Harrogate today Jackie; you were wearing one of your bird broaches and it looked great!


Twiglet said...

Fabulous birds!! xJo

Wood Fairy said...

Hello Jackie, a lovely post about your work and I do love the birds you are now making. I still have (and often wear) the beautiful leaf brooch I won on your giveaway a few years back. Wishing you all good things for the coming year. Betty

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