Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Crewel Intentions

After last weeks post complaining about the dullness of November, today has been a lovely day. The sun was golden and so were the leaves, the house felt warm (could it be because I've switched on 'The Dragon', our little oil filled radiator in the kitchen at heaven knows what cost) and we were a bit tidy! 

Thats because I had a visitor last night, an old friend who had commissioned me to do some pieces.

 But I can't show you those until after the weekend so I'm going to show these instead.
I had a piece of felt in the 'awful swirly carpet' shades.  I started making brooches but then I got a bit carried away stitching something that wouldn't really work as a brooch. 

 And then another.

 They remind me of Crewel work motifs, and rather than put them in the 'not quite a brooch' pile I mounted them on small card covered with calico and I shall put them in my etsy shop. 

 I followed the contours of the coloured areas in the felt and added some deep jewel coloured velvets and stitched with two lovely shaded Natesh threads.

 I put them on this magazine for scale but then realised you might not know its a small half A4 magazine.

 Well I've told you now so you know. 

 But just in case, I've stood them up against my sewing box in all the muddle on the table.

They make a lovely pair.

I keep looking at them wondering where they came from.
My head does surprise me sometimes.


Helen Suzanne said...

Lovely pieces! I do like the colour combinations. Isn't it fun when we surprise ourselves :)

Rachel said...

Hope it's a good surprise - they're charming!

Heather said...

They are beautiful Jackie and so individual. Very good surprises.

Mary Ann said...

I think they're lovely too.

Fibrenell said...

Lovely pieces, such detail - so like the colours you've used.

Jacqui Galloway said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

ju-north said...

Love these big ones! would look great on a book cover!

dosierosie said...

Ditto to all the comments above.

Twiglet said...

Your head is a very clever one!!! They are such gorgeous blends of colours. x Jo

FeltersJourney said...

They are beautiful! I love the colours, and they are indeed very crewel like. x

Maggi said...


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Those would look stunning framed as a pair...at least that would be what I would do with them. I always like seeing the little jewels you create!

Virginia said...

They are lovely. Just let your brain keep on!! It does very well when it goes on a flight of fancy! Perhaps they could be framed onto a larger piece of rough felt? But they're lovely as they are.

What is Natash thread? I haven't heard of it - is it a machine or a hand thread?

Jackie said...

Virginia, its a rayon variegated thread form a company called Silken Strands in North Wales.

Judith Yarnold said...

these are lovely. I have little knowledge and experience - so I hope you do not mind if I ask a few questions...
Do you back the felt before stitching?
if so what do you use?

Do you cut out the shapes before stitching or after?
what size are these?
thank you very much.

Jackie said...

Hi Judith. I don't back the felt before stitching. I cut them when I've finished, they are about 5 inhes high. I sold them a long time ago so I can't remember!

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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