Thursday, 20 December 2012

Hetty here

She's been at it again in that room..this time she kept calling me to sit and have this thing fastened on..I wouldn't mind but she whipped it off me again when I'd just got it warm.

 Then it was the photos. 
Sit still...not that way..this way...

 just got warm again when she whips it off and tries another. 

I was so fed up I turned my back on her.

 Oh come on I said..enough's enough.

 I'll think about it.

 Alright then. 
Then she pinches them off me and says they're for someone else.

 Then there was the party. We had a great time. 
Here's a picture of us playing musical mats. See that fat black dog? I had the best fun walking round behind him with my nose stuck to his rear end. 
He had NO TAIL!

I don't think he noticed.

 The only bad bit was having to wear this lot again. Still we won third prize in the fancy dress.

 Don't you think I look angelic? 
That was Tuesday.

Look at me now! I feel like a turkey. I've had me  hair cut..there's nothing on me legs!
Its bloomin' freezing.

 And to top it all...she took the coat away and gave it to another dog.Missy.

 And she sent the other one to Betsy.

 Where's mine? 
Oh she didn't get a picture of that did she?
So here's me as an angel again. 
With short hair.
Merry bloomin' Christmas.


Rachel said...

Hetty, maybe she wants you to cuddle up to her to keep warm?

Maggi said...

Well done for your prize Hetty. You look so wonderful in that coat, surely your mum has spoken to Santa about one for you.

Annie said...

Oh Hetty what a fab post. Really hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and you get everything that makes you happy.
A x

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

Oh, that is jsut the MOST adorable little dog and the cutest coat ever!!!

Julie said...

It's a dog's life Hetty, you look very stylish. Merry Christmas to you and your humans :-) xx

Miriam Weaver said...

That was brilliant, made me and Betsy laugh :-)
Well done Hetty on getting 3rd place although you deserve to be first place after all you are a very stylish dog. Betsy loves her coat and asks me to say thank you for allowing her to have it, she just needs the rain to stop so she can start turning heads when she goes out for a walk.
Have a lovely Christmas Hetty and all your family! xx

Heather said...

Hurry up and make another coat before Hetty leaves home in disgust! She makes an adorable model and angel too.

Magic Bean said...

Hetty. Who would have guessed you could write such a humorous post. Go and bury the angel costume in the garden before you have to wear it again. Merry Christmas to you! Ax

Cathy H said...

love it ......very stylist coats.....

Magpie's Mumblings said...

awwww - Hetty, how dare Mom make those lovely coats and not make one for you? And cut all your lovely hair off too boot? Poor thing. I shall put in a special request to Santa for a coat of your very own...surely he'll bring you one!

Anonymous said...

The prettiest canine angel I've seen!

Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

Ho! Ho! Ho! Cheer up, Hetty....I think Santa will bring you a treat!

sharon young said...

Oh you poor dog, how you suffered for your Mum's lovely coats, still at least you got one in the end and you made a wonderful Christmas post for us to enjoy, and you won a prize, well done.

susan christensen said...

Oh, Hetty! You do look like an angel and I sure hope Santa brings you a cunning plaid coat!
merry Christmas to you and your family from sus and flossy in Alaska

Terri said...

Humans! Can't live with them, can't live without them.

Lyn said...

Oh so cute!
Merry Christmas xxx

caprejan said...

Brilliant, I love dog stories.
Happy Christmasxx

Twiglet said...

Oh so cute - Happy Christmas Jackie!! x Jo

Margaret Applin said...

Oh my gosh!!! How totally adorable and hysterical!!! Luv it!!!

Paint Pots and Petals said...

Hetty we love you. May I suggest as payback - keep barking! I know that really gets her goat. xxx N

Zdolność-tworzenia said...

Uwielbiam sznaucery.
Klasyczny i twarzowy ubiór.
Pięknie się prezentuje.
Wszystkiego najlepszego w nowym roku.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Haha very funny, gorgeous little coat for a gorgeous little dog - does he mind being called little? :-/ I hope she's not offended
Anne x

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