Friday, 29 June 2012

Some people reading this are getting a malaware warning. I am aware of this now, thank you to all who told me, and will try to sort it out as soon as I can.

Woolfest!!! Yea!!
Loved it. The weather was unspeakable..almost literally as the roof was metal and the pounding rain made it very difficult to make yourself heard!
It also necessitated negotiating a river to get to the outside toilest. 
Either that or queue for an hour inside.

The atmosphere was ..well...woolly. I reallu enjoyed it  and stocked up.

I seem to have come home with photos of the same stall.
I loved it. Does that mean I'm a vintage gal?
May I present Eliza Conway.

 She had a unique way of winding her wool and was extremely generous in sharing the technique. She said it was the only way she knew to do it but it lent an organic wholesomeness to her wool!
Don't they look like lemons?
I can't find a website sadly but she appears in many lists of vendors.

 I took this pic because I have two of these lovely plastic, maybe bakelite, wool holders and was amazed to see them on sale for quite a considerable amount.

 Of course being Woolfest there were woollybacks. Here are the Herdies.

 Don't remember what these are.
 These are Hebridean. I know that because when we went to the Hebrides we saw some on a weavers field. I asked him what he did with them..he said 'Eat them'.

 Alapacas..always good for a photograph.

 Another breed I should have written down.
 These are Ryelands

 and these are..maybe Wensleydale...but maybe not. Sorry.

 This is definitely a rabbit..angora. When I asked to take a picture the owner went to lift the lid of the white one. I said I preferred the blue on.
 Reminds me of someone.

Someone who made this mess in my sewing room.
 She did me a favour..I have spent three days re organising my sewing room.
How tidy is this?
 The teds are impressed.
 But just how many scissors does a person need?
 Ooh Tidy...

I found I had a box full of pieces I'd made and not used.
 I can't bring myself to throw them out so I've listed them on etsy in groups of four.
 They are not brooches but may be useful to someone to applique onto something else.


Anonymous said...


I wanted to look at your Etsy shop but the link isn't there! And it didn't come up under Dog-Daisy Chains. So how can I find you?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie, That's just it. Where it says 'Etsy shop' is blank. There is no link.

Rosalind said...

Would you believe I missed Woolfest this year and I actually live in Cockermouth!
We were so busy watching the river rise that I completely forgot!!!!!!

karen said...

I just got the warning!

Anonymous said...

That angora rabbit reminds me of someone, too! Several someones - all of them varmints! I would never have identified that as a rabbit if you hadn't labelled it! Take cheer in your weather...we are on our second day in the 100's F and it's set to continue for at least another week. Sigh!

susan christensen said...

My girl Flossy was very interested in all those sheep pictures. (Flossy is a Shetland Sheepdog - she says hello to Hettie). -sus

Heather said...

Glad Woolfest took place inspite of the appalling weather. It looks like a great event and I hope everyone got home safely.
I love to see the various breeds of sheep, etc., but that rabbit looks most unrabbitlike.
Oh Hettie! It seems you put her naughtiness to positive use. Perhaps I should borrow her!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, wonderful, I keep meaning to try to get to Woolfest or one of the other wooly shows one of the days. And oh dear, naughty Hettie!

Rachel said...

And there was me thinking I had a lot of scissors!

emma-alittlebitofeverything said...

I'd like to find a box of pieces made but not used! You've been making some beautiful things. I adore foxgloves, definitely not weeds ;)

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Despite the weather it sounds like a wonderful time at the show. I'd been planning on going for the first time but finances are a bit limited at the moment. Love the balls of wool, never seen them wound like that before.
Anne x

Menopausalmusing said...

I am looking at and wondering how those lovely balls of wool were wound......... and laughing (only a teeny, tiny bit, mind you......) at what that naughty, NAUGHTY dog did..... Needless to say I wouldn't be laughing at all if the carnage were in my house. I am having a tidy up and can't believe how many quik unpicks I have!!!!!

dottybird said...

Think those balls were wound on something called a nostepinne - sort of stick thing!! look on you tube for a demo think I got mine from wingham wool??

Jackie said...

dottibird -the balls were wound by hand just usung fingers..she showed us. I haven't tried it myself but I intend to.

Rosie said...

How wonderful to 'find' all those goodies, and yes isn't it wonderful when you get your space tidy (its doing it that kills me). Woolfest looks amazing and inspirational ...

dottycookie said...

My big sister winds her wool that same lemony way - I do like it! Lots of lovely woollybacks too - I bet the rain didn't bother them.Well, maybe the rabbit :-)

jinxxxygirl said...

HI there!

I did not get the malware warning this time! Thanks so much for sharing all those pictures! Wonderful!

Very Berry Handmade said...

Love all the woolly creatures... looks like a fun time.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Woolfest looks like such fun! Seeing all that wooly goodness would be so inspiring, despite the noisy roof.

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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