Saturday, 27 August 2011

This and that.

 Forgive me for showing these again but they were taken with my new camera and I feel they are better than my previous version.
 The background is a little on the pinkish side though. I will have to keep trying.The exhibition has just three more days to go..weekends only ..four if you include today. Astley Hall Coach house gallery, Chorley. Free admission.
 Poor Mummycat was put out of her misery a week last Thursday. Her ear cancer wouldn't stop despite two operations and much bandaging and dressing it was a big mess and couldn't be ignored so it was the only way. We buried her in the garden near this lovely bush. We were very sad, but our spirits were lifted by our little guest. Missy.
 The most adorable well behaved little mini Schnauzer. She's going home tomorrow so I expect I'll be a bit sad. Its a bit much to hope her owners might not want her back isn't it? We've walked all over with her. My Mum and I walked for two hours last Mum is almost 84!
 We took Missy and my Mum  to Elterwater on Thursday, she helped us finish our pasta salad at Chesters, so we had to take her for a big walk after that! We don't want to send home tubby.

 Now: I know I was very optimistic in this post, and excited about my vegetable patch.
Well its a good job anticipation is so enjoyable because the outcome is not good. The broad beans fell over numerous times, allowing the snails to leap aboard their bendy stems. Some of the flowers went black and dropped off and I am still waiting for my harvest.

 I've had a squeeze at these pods and I'm sure they're empty.

 The leaves are holey and even my nasturtiums haven't flowered.
 And as for the garlic......well apart from most of it vanishing this is whats left. Impressed? 
No neither am I.
 Oh well. never mind. 

I had a belated birthday trip out with my friends last night. We caught a steam train in Bury and had a chug along the moors whilst eating a lovely meal.
 And drinking copious amounts of wine.
 All the carriages were 'first class'
Many of the passengers were in vintage costume to go with the train.
 This is a place called 'Summerseat'. I really must investigate from the roadside sometime.


Els said...

When I looked at the blow-up of your leaves I thought of a bunch of marching centpedes ;-) !!!
Sorry about your cat but she has a lovely resting place.
Great trip on a great old train!!!
(a bit like the Orient?)

Lyn said...

Sorry to hear about Mummycat. I have been to Summerseat, a pretty place but it was years and years ago so don't know what it's like now.

connie said...

Thank you for showing your piece again, because I missed it the first time. :-) LOVELY!!!

What a fun train, you lucky girl!

lilylovekin said...

Sorry to hear about your kitty, your buried her in a lovely spot. It is always wonderful to have a little dog around to distract one from the routines of life-don't you think it is time you consider a regular visitor to your house?

Anne B said...

Re: your veg - you have had bad luck! Strangely we have hardly seen any slugs or snails this year. Unbelievable really. We have noticed a tiny hedgehog at times but I'm sure he can't be responsible for the complete lack of pests. Or can he???

Rachel said...

It sounds like you had a lovely day on the train!

Heather said...

Your work looks even better with the new camera - love the shadows. Poor Mummycat - it's always hard to say goodbye. Misty looks lovely and would cheer anyone up.
Well done your Mum. I'd be worn out after that and I'm 8 years younger.
It's been an odd year for vegs and mine haven't done well either.
What a lovely birthday treat - I'd love that.

marigold jam said...

Well I hope I look as good as your Mum and can walk for 2 hours when I am 84! How sad about your cat - been there and know how horrible it is and how you keep seeing them in every shadow or hearing them in every small sound but I am sure she had a good life and it was all for the best (pity we can't do the same with people I say!) Your train ride with a meal included sounds great fun.

Elizabeth said...

I am so very sorry that you have lost Your Momma Kitty!! You did the very best that you could for her!! That will always be a special bush and you will think of her when you see the beautiful blooms!!
Will you get another small dog perhaps!!??? they are such fun and you would not have to get a puppy< do think about it> My Buddy helps me thru so many times that would be so much darker without him.

Your new pieces are so delicate- LOVE them!!!
happy Belated birthday to you dear girl- what a wonderful way to celebrate!!!

Shoshi said...

So sorry to hear about your poor kitty.

I love your work and very nice to see the piece again.

Great fun going on the steam train! We have one just near where we live and I haven't been on it for years - in fact not since we moved here 12 years ago lol!!

Su said...

So sorry to hear about mummy cat, I'm sure she had a lovely life, but I know how you're feeling at the moment.
Your train ride looks lovely, and how wonderful to have time with your mum and that little dog.

Monica said...

love the trip and the idea of wine tasting on the rails. Mummy cat will always be a great and happy memory with a place in your heart.

Julie said...

Broad beans can be tricky. I think they suffer from black fly. Probably it's not a good year for veg with the weather we've been having.

Your little visitor looks gorgeous and I think you should think about a permanent friend too. :-)

YOur train trip looks great fun. xx

Shoshi said...

Me again! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog re my curls - I agree about pre-Raphaelite! I adore that period and often hanker after that particular look - although it's a case of "dream on Shoshi" with my figure lol!! And you're welcome about the comments on your blog - you do such gorgeous work - quite mouth-watering!!

The Coffee Lady said...

I'm often optimistic about my garden - it never works out. Glad I'm not alone!

ArtPropelled said...

Your birthday celebration looks like great fun!
I know it might not be cost effective but all your little pieces organized in a square (as you've done in the photo) would make a wonderful piece of art.

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Fab train! Did you feel like you were in an Agatha Christie novel? Missy is such a pretty wee dog! We know a Maddy of the same breed : )

Miriam Weaver said...

Sorry about your cat, we lost our cat last year. Missy is lovely, maybe it's a bit soon to think about bringing another permanent addition into the family. We are going to bring our Miniature Schnauzer puppy home on the 11th September,we've called her Betsy, hope she's going to be as well behaved as your visitor!

Thimble Fingers said...

I'm so sad to hear about Mummycat. Even when you know its the best thing, its still sad to say goodbye. Glad your little visitor helped ease your sadness. She's so cute!! I'm sure she'd brighten anyones day.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm so very sorry about your lovely Mummycat - at least I know she's likely playing with lots of other kitties and out of any pain. Your visitor is adorable and I'm sure you will miss the walks. As for the train ride - how I envy you! My 'dream' is to travel across Canada on a train.

green phoenix said...

So sorry about your cat, my garden is also a non event this year so don't feel alone!

your train journey sounded lovely


jeanette, mistress of longears said...

The garden always surprises - if not always pleasantly! Your birthday diner sounds grand!

Anonymous said...

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First off ... I must say your Mum is gorgeous and I can see where you get your lovely looks from! Loved the photo of you with your friends and the steam train is wonderful. I'm off to Dartmouth again next week and they have a steam train on the other side of the river. I am hoping we get on it and have a day in Paignton or something. Hoping to actually get around to bloging on RED today ... your beautiful gift to me and other ramblings ...

Have a lovely week ahead dear
Carolyn xo


ps. seeing Aileen's comment reminded me that we have also booked to go to Agatha Christie's summerhouse down the river at Dittisham ... I'm so looking forward to my little holiday

pps. so sorry about dear cat. Try not to be sad for too long ... I am sure he had a most cosseted life living at yours!

melbatoast68 said...

So sorry about your cat. I have two myself, so I know you are absolutely gutted. Don't be too discouraged with your garden. At least you planted one. I gave up a long time ago because my thumbs are black instead of green. I don't even get plants.

Anonymous said...

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Sheep Rustler said...

Great photos! I need a new camera :) Sorry to hear about your cat, at least she is at peace now. You might just have to get another one - or a dog :)

essays online said...

old school style ))
cool photo!

yvette said...

I'm so sorry to read about mummycat..I wish you strength!

resume service said...

what a lovely dog!!!! i love it!

veronica said...

Superb breed of dog--clever,sociable and just assume the whole world is in love with them. I wouldn't swop my little happy barky Rosie for anything. Glad it helped a little bit looking after Missy after losing Mummycat.

Anonymous said...

I love the detail of your soft grey pieces and the miniatures below are gorgeous.

Robin Mac said...

Your new camera is taking super pictures Jackie - I am a few days late catching up on blogs. So sorry about Mummycat, but she is in a lovely resting place, The train ride looks great fun - especially with the lubrication! I wish I thought I would be able to walk like your mother at that age. Cheers

Linda said...

What a great post much to show and tell! Your little feathery brooches are so sweet; I just love those colours.
Your mum sounds amazing...and what a great photo of her!
Maybe try again with the veg next year? We've learnt a lot of lessons this year (esp re: courgettes and sweet peas).

Chris Daly said...

What a lovely way to celebrate your birthday! So sorry to hear about your cat :( Sending you love.

Simmy said...

Couldn't find your email so have to leave a comment here.

I am SO GLAD that we bumped into you today and we all loved meeting you and chatting in the pub. I'm still reeling from the shock that we knew each other!

It made a lovely day even nicer. Hope you had a good rest of the day ........


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