Saturday, 27 June 2009

What a week.


What a week.
I have just returned from Woolfest with Margaret who drove, and am sitting reflecting on the past week.
It corresponds with this week last year when I didn't get to Woolfest so I have done better this year. And yes the 'big clean' has been done again.
Plus a major paint job on the kitchen. (Why do these things always get done in a rush ?)
But more later.
So, there I was, cleaning washing ironing vacuuming shopping ironing ironing ironing and there was a knock on the door, and the postman handed me a hoooge parcel from Daisie Davies
She said she had something for me and we couldn't manage a meet up because I was so busy so she very kindly sent it.

I couldn't imagine what it could be in this massive package...but look....can you read it?
Harris Tweed !
Its a thing of beauty, a solid wooden hanger with an engraved brass plate.

Just imagine my tweets hanging from that when I do a craft fair.
Thank you so much dear Daisie, I know you've had a sad week. It so kind of you.

Later that same day.........

My Fellpaintings arrived. This is a terrible photo but I can assure you it is a beautiful painting and I love it and its companion.

Sometime midweek I learnt that I had won this little chap in Michelle's giveaway which she ended early having received only 4 comments. I told her to try again but she very generously insisted I should have him so I'm very excited.

So onto Thursday.(.oh I nearly forgot our romantic evening out on Wednesday taking the old fridge to the tip followed by a supermarket shop, then on Thursday morning taking my elderly neighbour for her podiatry appointment)

On Thursday at 4 pm our first guests of the week arrived.
Our tutor for The Embroidery 2000 workshop on Friday, Carol Naylor and her husband.
This is a small sample of her work. I treated myself .

We had an enjoyable evening together, a meal and a walk, and plenty of wine, and the following day our group workshop in the studio on the bank of the river with a gorgeous garden, where we sat for lunch.

We all made lots of noise with our sewing machines and Carol was so generous with her techniques and materials.

Mine's the little wobbly one on the back row .

Friday afternoon, home, bit of ironing, change beds, quick clean round in prepapration for our next guest who I had never met before, a folk musician who wrote one of my favourite songs.
My husband brought him from the Traditions festival and I met him this morning briefly before I rushed out to Woolfest.

What a great day.
The first person I met was the lovely and talented Jenny Pepper.
The weather was just a bit sultry and I think I was fairly purple most of the day.

But other people were other colours!

I watched a young woman shear 4 young female sheep and one big ram in about 20 minutes.

The fleece was snowy white and beautiful and can you believe it could be bought for £3?

I spent a little bit more than £3!
I bought some lovely dyed silk tops from Oliver Twists.

I had intended to but large amounts of merino tops but I always buy less than I want .
I think I'm intimidated by the volume of it.

I got the colours I need for my next project.
I also met a lot of friends, sold a lot of brooches (Kandj I can't reply to you,I don't recognise the name,terrible memory,but thank you!)and saw a lot of beautiful things.
But, I have decided, that just because you can make something from wool, doesn't mean you necessarily should.


Gina said...

I'm exhusted just reading about your week!

Julie said...

I think I missed seeing Carol Naylor's work at the K & S show at Harrogate last year. It looks exciting.

Sounds like a very hectic week. I hope you've enjoyed Woolfest. My friend and I have promised ourselves an away weekend there one year. Hope we live long enough to fit it in. Cockermouth is a beautiful place I'm told.

lilylovekin said...

You had a busy week. I am amazed how packages always seem to arrive on the same day in the mail. I wish they would arrive afew days apart and give me a surprise every day instead of all at once.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sounds like you've had a wonderful week! All that fibre-y goodness to see and fun goodies in the mail too. Perfect!

Mermaid's Purse said...

What a lovely way to spend a week and lots of new goodies too!

cocoa and blankets said...

Oh wish I had gone but looking back we had so much to do today...and as a result I got to watch buce and nearly finished Pollys jumper..glad you had a lovely H

Heather said...

You must be worn out after such a hectic time. I daresay it was most enjoyable though - I love Carol Naylor's work. The Woolfest sounds like a wonderful event - how dreadful that a fleece should be sold for only £3! - or how marvellous that it should? Those silk top colours are glorious and do show us your tweets on their hanger one day, please.

Lyn said...

I am determined to get to woolfest next year, maybe I can persuade Shan to go with me?
You have been busy though, put your feet up and relax with a cuppa

PG said...

What a great week!
I keep meaning to try to make it up for Woolfest, maybe when we've got a car, your account makes it sound very tempting.

Sue said...

What a great insight into your very interesting week. I thought at first the llamas were some kind of knitted socks with llama heads on...

Looking forward to seeing what you get up to with your tops although I am liking your philosophy of 'just because you can, why should you'... I think I will adopt this for myself, it sounds relaxing ;-)


Max the Lobster said...

will you be doing the woolfest at coldharbour in devon August 22/23?

Art4Sol said...

What a wonderful and exhausting week you've had...and lots of new treasures...oh boy!


I love Oliver Twists. Your post has got me all excited about the show I go to in September at Exeter and seeing your purchases is a timely reminder to start putting some money aside for all the things I know I will buy whether I need them or not ... has to be done!

So glad you had such a fab time!

Lady Hopwood said...

You have been so busy! I am missing out, I need to mark Woolfest on my calendar!

Victoria said...

You lead rich, full life!

Menopausal musing said...

Lovely post, lovely paintings. A very packed week, just reading about it made me all hot! Been very humid here. x

maggik1 said...

Thought I was 'coming round' from my busy week but now I feel exhausted all over again! I forgot to give you your book on Saturday! Doh!

nimblejacks said...

ha ha it was like the Wonderwool in wales, my kids told me my hair was far too boring to be a felter everyone there had mad pink and purple hair I felt positively drab!!

Max the Lobster said...

Hi jackie, ever since posting a comment to you i keep getting e-mails of the other posts you have had!!!! what do you think has happened or is it me?

Max the Lobster said...

Sorry jackie it was me! just sorted!

Judy Martin said...

Jackie, you are able to write so well and engage us all with your interesting life. congratulations on that. Now go put your feet up for a day and read a book or something.

Linda said...

Great post Jackie...what an exciting life you lead! All that and I bet you still found time to make 2 dozen brooches and bookcovers LOL! I think I spend too much time dizzying and pondering instead of getting on and doing like you.
You are my muse...
Linda x

Maria Dent said...

I love Oliver Twist too. I wish they would sell online! There again...... dont think my hubby would be to pleased!

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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