Saturday, 20 June 2009

Three Artists and some threads.

Sorry there are no pictures. Click the links for visual delights, and just think of the megabytes I'm saving!

Its been an interesting week in the mailbox department.
First of all we received a couple of copies of this book.
My husband conserved a number of the paintings before they were photographed for the book.
As his unofficial PA I enjoyed long chats with the author on the phone as well the artists daughter in law, and son and owners of some of the paintings.
All were delightful , friendly and generous and it was a shame we couldn't attend the launch of the book a couple of weeks ago due to other commitments.
On Womens Hour this last week the Author and Winifreds daughter in law were interviewed and it drove me to google Winifred Nicholson .
As well as the usual search results I found this blog, Adventures in a Painted landscape.
This 'Fell Painter' has a collection of beautiful works that truly evoke the landscape in which she lives. I live about 60 miles away from this area and when I visit I often wish I could capture the hills and the skies in stitch but I don't have the skills. She does however. She goes out and paints on the fells and then blogs about it, and mine was the only comment.
She deserves more attention.
PLEASE do visit the blog, enjoy the skies and experience the atmosphere of the Cumbrian Landscape.

My next postal delight was a package of threads from Helen of Cocoa and Blankets
Amazing gorgeousness, and more generosity than I can possibly repay.
Beautiful silky treasures.
Photo tomorrow when its light again.

A different kind of post was this one. I'm sure you will recognize the subject of the portrait! It made me cry.
I have been friends with Carol since long before my online days. I met a relative of hers in England when I was doing my first exhibition and I sent her a sketch book. We have been penpals, now blogging friends, ever since.

Update: At last i've found This, another protrait of Willow by another blog friend. Its a very different style but just as thoughtful. Thank you Marilyn. It was done very shortly after Willow's death and I wasn't thinking straight so forgot where it was.

In the 'Mail out' department ..I have had a few etsy and folksy sales.

My son who moved home for a couple of weeks has shared custody of the dog he and his former Girlfriend had.
This has been his week so she and I have had many long walks.
She's not Willow but she's very sweet and I've enjoyed her company.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Thank for the wonderful links to visit. I am happy you have enjoyed some canine companionship this week!

Julie said...

I shall go and have a look at your recommended blog. Not to labour the point I owe you an apology over the photo megabyte allowance thing. I hadn't realised that loading via Picasa still uses up our meagabytes. Duh! My DH only has 18% left and is wondering what he is going to do when he runs out in about 6 months time (at his present rate of usage). Sorry if I was talking out of a dark place in my rear ;o)

I'm glad you're enjoying your 4 legged visitor :o)

Jan said...

Hi, thanks for letting me know I was a no reply blogger. I have fixed that now. Loved the photos of your booth, so gorgeous! I took a peek at your photo on the other blog, you look to be as lovely as your work, no wonder! Enjoy your walks with your dog-in-law. Maybe another dog will come to you to be your own again some day. I am waiting for mine, but Rocky is enjoying being an only dog for now.

lilylovekin said...

I enjoyed checking out the links you listed especially the one to the "fell painter" I loved her little paintings.

Lyn said...

I too recently descovered Winifred and have been waiting for that book to come out-hinted heavily at Hubby but no joy yet! Thank you for the links though.Talking of links...
I seem to have had many visitors from your blog, Thanks again for the link to it in your post about Art and Garden. The painting of WIllow is beautiful.

Jenny said...

Hi Jackie,

Enjoyed reading your blog without pictures. I looked at every link and made some lovely discoveries, thanks. The painting of Willow is beautiful.

Jude said...

Oh, Jackie! It made me cry too. Gorgeous painting!!

Heather said...

That is a wonderful portrait of Willow, no wonder you cried. The fell paintings are so atmospheric - I love the bold brushstrokes. Cocoa and Blankets is very well named - a real slice of comfort. The Winifred Nicholson book looks beautiful.

fiona d said...

the painting of Willow is very beautiful. Thank you for the links and especially for one to the fellpainter, her work is really evocative

soggibottom said...

I was going to make loads of smart comments.... ok they aren't smart depends on the time of day that I leave them as to the point I think they are smart or not!!!

So pleased you have had company on your walk x x x

Heloise said...

Thanks for the link the Fell Painter, some more beautiful work.

CAROLYN said...

A very beautiful portrait of Willow

Gina said...

Enjoyed following the links Jackie. The portrait of Willow is beautiful.

Victoria said...

Oh Jackie, that painting of Willow! My heart. How beautiful. I have tears in MY eyes! Hope you enjoy spending time with your son's four footed friend, (and your son too,of course!) Thanks for the fun scavenger hunt of links!

Chris said...

Carol's gift is so touching. What a wonderful treasure for you.

Cathy said...

Gorgeous painting of Willow. Lovely to have a physical reminder of her. I enjoyed the fell painter's website. She is very talented. I am amazed sometimes at the really excellent blogs that seem to have no or very few comments.

Lastly - shared custody of the dog - I love it.

Threadspider said...

I enjoyed the Woman's Hour broadcast too and the link to Fell Painter. How I envy you canine companionship- I remain dogless 3 years on. I still go for imaginary walks with my old boy.

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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