Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Thank you for making me feel better about my felt. I knew you would! It just gave a me a bit of encouragement. I've done some more work on it, its coming on.
Maybe you were just being kind, but I am grateful anyway. (See Anonymous comment four posts ago)
This is why blogging is such fun.
I am sorry I've been neglecting blog reading. I am in a panic now because I have hundreds unread in Google reader but I must work on my exhibition pieces. Tempus, as usual is fugiting.
I have more to do to this.

But my back is killing me. I've been making felt all day.
I'm such an untidy worker.
The sherry bottle is just to bang the corners of the felt into shape. Honest. And the crumbs..well I have no excuses...

I've made a bag and straps and loads of prefelts.
I need a horse

But all I've got is this bag of bones who isn't in the least bit interested and wouldn't even know which way she was going if I tied my felt to her.

I should have utilised a recent opportunity and harnessed the roller to Denny, my son's dog.
You see, I did get a visit on Mothers' Day after all.
Denny is a human dynamo. Well she's not human but you know what I mean.(She's the one on the left, my lovely boy is on the right!)
She would have dragged enough felt for a whole row of yurts round our garden in no time at all.

And shouted a lot while she was doing it.

Now I must point you to two other blogs.
One is a post in Mousenotebook which says a very useful thing.
Read it to find out.
The other is a very very funny blog. The blog of Bob T Bear Esq. There are so many posts to amuse, but I especially like this post which appeals to my 'schoolboy' sense of humour.

I put three 'Retro' brooches in my ETSY shop. Look at the link in my sidebar.
Pinks greens and blue.
Lovely spring colours to go with the wonderful weather.

And finally...a question.
Does my blog background look grey or white to you?
I am looking at it on the main PC and its pale grey, which I chose, but on my laptop it looks white.
I wonder why.


cocoa and blankets said...

well I can certainly sympathise with the back ache...I can still mine from all those years ago..I think the piece looks wonderful and so does the dog...he looks like my grandads dog and hugs H

Hens Teeth said...

Yes, Sue did a great job. You seem to have really started something Jackie ;-)

Jude said...

How strange..I've just noticed I wasn't a follower of your blog. How did that happen,or not happen. Sorted anyway. I've followed you since I began blogging.... mutter, mutter, mutter, sorry....

Heather said...

Glad you are happier with your felt. We weren't being polite about it - just truthful. Don't work too hard - the sherry will sustain you and the crumbs will add textural interest!! I love the look of Denny, that's my sort of dog. Your son looks a nice chap too.

Joei Rhode Island said...

LOL...yes felt making can be taxing at times. But your piece is very lovely. And I enjoy seeing how it has progressed from the pictures of the iron work.
Dog is pretty cute...son looks like someone to be proud of, too.

Mieke said...

Lol feltmaking is very relaxing but also hard work;o).
Love your felt!!!

Menopausal musing said...

I'd love to have interesting stuff like that on my washing line!. Your work looks like it is coming together now ........ you must love doing it (bit of an obvious statement, I know....). x

Anonymous said...

Your Felt work is coming on fantastically ,the moroccan influences are definitely showing its going to be Amazing for sure ,as is all your work.

You know my feelings on Anonymous It still makes me angry when I think of it.

Nice to see pics of your Son.

and dog I hope he wasn't jumping all over your new sofa .
love from sesga xx

Kayla coo said...

Hi Jackie,
Your screen looks pale grey to me.
I think your felting is coming along beautifully.x

maggik1 said...

Thanks for the link to Sue - I'm off to do it now. Will mail you tomorrow as I'm dashing off again now. I hope this sorts the 'anonymous' bit? Margaret

Maureen said...

As all your work , your felting is fabulous Jackie.

Elizabeth said...

You are working too hard. Do you know the song Working too hard from Southside Johnny? You can find it on youtube and if you listen you can feel the fun of working too hard.

At my pc the back ground is pale grey.

Thanks for showing your beautiful work and happy Easter holiday.


jude said...


Melusine said...


silverpebble said...

You do use some unusual tools Jackie! The hairy moucharabia is looking even better. Sorry the back's giving you gyp. Perhaps a medicinal gin?

Your background looks beige to me. Perhaps my eyes a little gozzy due to lack of sleep.

Interesting anonymous comment. Lordy.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Your background looks a lovely pale grey to me here. And what a great photo of your boy and his beautiful dog!! Frameable!

I am so impressed with your felt work and visit here fascinated to read about it!!

MargaretR said...

Your felt is lovely compared to my attempts in a class yesterday. But I know exactly how your back feels. I must have some more attempts at home. I never do justice to myself in a class. I have heard many others say this too. Strange.
Your page background is definitely a lovely shade of pale grey on my laptop.

Threadhead said...

I love the felt design! It's worth a sore back!

Nellie's Needles said...

You and your son's dog wear me out! What a lot of work, but your results look worth it.

Your background is a pearlized gray on my ProMac laptop.

Shelly said...

It looks pale grey, Jackie.
Felt on . . . looks great.
Do your thing and don't worry about replying right now. Everyone will still be here.
You work is beautiful and your blog is endlessly entertaining.

karen said...

Hi! I have given you an award, no obligation to do it if you don't want!

Clucking about said...

Thankyou for the link, going to my dashboard now!just made me laugh seeing your dog all cosy with No inkling to running around pulling the felt!do think a harveys bottle would go So much better wwith the colour of your work at the moment!its so lovel

whitney-anne said...

the sccreen looks grey-ish to me but then I've been tearing my hair out calibrating my monitor, printer etc.
The felt looks lovely, puts me in mind of spring sky.

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dear Anonymous.....

....don't waste your time...I have a spam filter.