Friday, 13 March 2009

Posters and questions.

Now trips abroad don't come cheap (although ours was as cheap as it gets!) so I was rootling around the house wondering what I could sell to start saving up for the next one.
I remembered these school posters.

I rescued 4 boxes of them from the dustbin in a
school I was supplying in.

They picture history, and geography in a very old fashioned way.
and are rather un PC but quaint.
I suppose you could say they reflect attitudes prevalent in the 1950s.

I find them quite interesting and some are better than others.

I only looked in 2 boxes today. The second box is an absolute treasure.
Its older than the rest, coming from the 1930s.

The illustrations are beautiful.
I'm certain I remember this Robin one from my own school days in the 50s.

There are 82 of them all depicting idyllic scenes of a pre world war two Britain, children, gardens,

and animals.

My Dad took me to London Zoo when I was four, and I had a ride on an elephant.

But I don't remember planes like these.

The trouble now is that I really don't want to part with these pictures . They would look lovely framed.
I suppose I ought to be more resolute and list them on that well known auction site.
I'm such a hoarder.
Has anyone received an e mail asking them to take part in a blogger personality survey?
Its from a research student and I thought there would be no harm in it but I smell a rat.
I started to complete the survey but there seemed to be an awful lot of questions so after about 50 I scrolled through and found that there were 300.
Many of them were repeated so I gave up.
Has anyone out there completed it and submitted their results? I just felt that there would be some jokey reply at the end of it but I wasn't prepared to do it to find out.

Also..I have looked at my followers list and found a strange one with a name thats just a random list of letters and numbers. Whats that all about? I checked few other bloggers followers and someone else had a follower with a different set of letters and numbers (Genie I think), but others didn't.
UPDATE: I have deleted the follower named 'Yvy6akU1kv3Y3spOgyJVhqsNQVc.nAK7***'
If its you and you are a legitimate reader please get in touch..or get yourself a less threatening name!

Any ideas?
And finally.. I had a lot of lovely comments on my Marrakech posts, some of which I couldn't reply to because you don't have a blog and were a 'no reply' commenter so thank you very much,
(postcards from wildwood!) Its lovely to hear from you all.


Threadspider said...

I remember many of those posters from my schooldays too-and I wouldnt be able to part with them either. They are the kind of thing that will appear on the Antiques Roadshow soon!
Can't help you with the survey-I haven't entered one recently but it sounds like it might be dodgy.

alcoholinky said...

if I think something's dodgy, i'll put the subject in the google search bar and add the word hoax or fake and it usually takes you to a site like snopes to verify it. does sound dodgy though.

Julie said...

I've had that email too Jackie and was going to google it but hadn't done so far. I would say it's a fake and if there's 300 questions I'm definitely not doing it!

Those posters are very evocative. I was a 1950's baby and they ring a lot of bells with me too. I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't worth some money to the right collector. You're right, they are beautiful and would look good framed. I have a selection of pictures from a 1930's gardening magazine that I have been hoarding for years as they are too good to dump but there are too many to frame. They are flower paintings that were given away with the magazine.

Mary said...

Hi Jackie. The posters are amazing - I would hoard away!

I got that same survey email. I deleted it because it sounded off to me.

Cathy said...

No surveys here. I don't believe I could part with the posters especially the older ones. I'm a hoarder too.

connie said...

Oh those posters are really cool. I love old things especially from the 30's 40's and 50's. Maybe just look at them for a bit. I have not received such a survey so I don't know but it sounds like it would take too much time.

Chris said...

I received that e-mail too. I did not respond. I've never heard of the Washington University in St. Louis, MO. Nothing came up when I searched on Snopes. Now you've got me curious

Genie said...

Hi Jackie
i think i will block that mystery follower, as no idea who or what ??
have not had the survey, the posters are delightful. would keep and frame a few favourites and sell the rest,
have a great weekend

Guzzisue said...

I remember books like these as we used to spend summers being looked after by a pair of great aunts (spinsters) who still had a lot of childrens books including earlier story books which always had a moral in the ending.
I have a few blogs on my reader such as kiki78 which are French textile lace makers, does this help?I always look who my followers are to make sure that they are not just a link to a marketing site (I seem to attract chinese links for some reason)

Simmy said...

I can totally see why you wouldn't want to part with the posters - they're wonderful. Are there too many to frame and hang up around the house.

Maybe you could sell a few - at least that way they'd go to people who appreciated them too.

jennyflower said...

I haven't had any dodgy blogging followers or surveys but you are right to be on your guard. I don't think any genuine follower would be offended by your wanting to keep your site your own.
Those postes are really special. Would it be illegal to photocopy them? I think it might...shame though because I can understand your wanting to keep them but they are such beautiful images many others would love them too I'm sure. xxx

Sue said...

I too have had the email. I usually ignore all these things and like alcoholinky, I find that you can check them out quickly on Google. Any comments or Flickr requests or Facebook invitations that seem dodgy or weird I'm afraid I delete. I don't like that side of the internet and prefer to keep it smiley happy :-)

silverpebble said...

Those posters are so lovely - the ducks are especially special - I expect they're actually worth a bob or two, especially if they're framed.

I had an email just like yours with a personality questionnaire - i was worried it was dubious and could have held a virus so I deleted it to be honest.

Heather said...

Those school posters are so lovely - I would want to keep them too, but in the hands of the right people they could well finance your next trip. Haven't heard about the survey so can't throw any light on that. You are right for being cautious though.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh no! You cannot sell these! They are too wonderful.

Like you, I am suspicious about strange looking emails. I just delete them.

Janice said...

Hello Jackie,
I didn't realise I was a 'no reply' commenter. Didn't mean to be. I've tried a different 'identity'!
Janice (Postcards from Wildwood)

Kitty said...

I had the survey email too Jackie - I just deleted it. 300 questions sounds like way too much work!

Those posters are gorgeous. How about a compromise? Keep your favourites, but sell some to fund your next trip?


cocoa and blankets said...

what a wonderful find...I have to say that I have saved some lovely things from school...its terrible what they throw out,...the caretakers now know what a scavenger I am now.....the posters are lovely...just beautiful...why not put some on etsy so you know they will go to good homes and you can control the price...people want things giving away on ebay at the moment.....I havent had a survey but I have had people wanting me to advertise for them on my blog ..i keep a wide berth....have a nice H

Victoria said...

Wonderful posters, I can see why they would be hard to part with. As for the blogger survey... sounds fishy to me.

Judy Scott said...

what amazing finds ~ I wouldnt be able to part with them either.

Morna said...

I have some of those pictures in an OLD book. Wonderful! And I also was taken to ride an elephant. We went to the Halstead Cadillac car lot on Market Street and they had the elephant there. Talk about un-PC.

Hens Teeth said...

Don't part with the posters Jackie, you will regret it...I'm sure you have lots of other stuff you could get rid of instead.
I had that e mail too and ignored it.
I have had a couple of dodgy comments left by someone selling stuff, which I deleted. Part of the course of being on the tinternet I suppose x

Raggy Rat said...

ooh how much for the ratty/mousey number?

oh i might have some old wool tweed you might like ...

i wouldnt do a long survey
i have too many children after my time !

loved your holiday pics
thanks for posting lots of them and bit by bit to keep us well fed

cat xxx

st of my pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dear Anonymous.....

....don't waste your time...I have a spam filter.